Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Miss Virginia USA Lashes Gay Roommate With Homophobic Rantrs

Anti-gay bigotry - and I would submit, racism as well - is alive and well in the Old Dominion and ranges from the Governor's and Attorney General's offices to likely brain dead beauty pageant winners such as Miss Virginia USA Nikki Poteet, who reportedly went on an anti-gay rant against a gay couple with whom she shared a house. The fact that Poteet may have been hammered on alcohol doesn't excuse the situation if the allegations prove true. Just as nothing excuses the bigotry of Bob "Taliban Bob" MCDonnell and Ken "Kookinelli" Cuccinelli. Think Progress has details on Poteet's cited anti-gay harangue. Here are some highlights:

[P]eople in Richmond, Virginia are calling on the Miss Universe Organization to speak out against current Miss Virginia Nikki Poteet, after the 24-year-old crown bearer allegedly directed homophobic slurs towards her gay roommate at a party on Saturday, October 29th. In a letter directed to the organization, Derek Powell — Poteet’s roommate since January 2011 — claims Poteet became “extremely violent and physical and proceeded to call me and my boyfriend ‘faggots’ and ‘cocksuckers’” at around 2 a.m. at their group house in Richmond, Virginia. Poteet denied the allegations during a phone conversation with ThinkProgress, but admitted to some sort of altercation.

Powell told ThinkProgress that Poteet was “extremely intoxicated” that night and seemed upset that she did not have the full house to herself. She responded by lashing out at Powell, his boyfriend Chris, and their friends, swinging her shoes at the group, pushing people, and claiming that her male companion would “beat” their ass. Poteet kneed another person, ripped the door off of a family heirloom, and “downgraded people based on their physical appearance and economic status,” Powell explains in his letter. The police were called, but it’s unclear if an official incident report was ever filed. ThinkProgress spoke with two other attendees who confirmed Poteet’s behavior and use of anti-gay slurs.

Powell says in his letter. “Her comments have outraged and insulted the gay people of Richmond and the community is upset that someone like her would represent the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Miss Universe organization has yet to respond to Powell’s allegations.

If the allegations are true, Poteet needs to surrender her crown and the Miss Universe organization needs to read the riot act to the prima donas - remember Carrie Prejean? - that seem to keep winning crowns based on their supposed good looks and bigoted, brainless heads.


Unknown said...

These department stores need to keep a better handle on their manikins. Just look what happens when they escape and go out for a night of drinking!
Seriously, boozing does not excuse vile behavior.

Estranged said...

"Room for one more, honey."
Gotta love those old Twilight Zone episodes.
*looks around*
Oh, wait... We're actually living those out these days.