Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Discuss Trump and Treason and Russian Readership Soars

UPDATED:  9:52 PM EDT - I checked the reader countries of origin and Russia is now almost TWICE that of the United States of America.

I use the blogger platform for this blog which among other things allows one to see the sources of visitors to the blog.  One thing that I have noted is that when I look at Trump, Putin, possible collusion and treason, the number of readers from Russia soars.  At the moment it is 51% higher than the number of readers from the USA - which is generally the highest by far.  Interesting coincidence?

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Robert Phillips said...

Your a lawyer. Maybe you can answer this for me. I keep hearing everyone say we need to impeach Trump. Does he have to be impeached first before he can be tried for treason. If not why isn't everyone trying to get him convicted of treason. And if he can be convicted of treason, I believe he should be hung on national television. I believe that would finally make all politicians realize that they work for us. Not the other way around. It might make them see that there are true consequences for their action. Trumps actions are going to impact millions of lives. That is why I believe the death penalty should be used.