Tuesday, April 18, 2017

57% of Perriello’s Gubernatorial Campaign Funds Come From Outside Virginia

Ralph Northam (with his wife Pam)  - the Best Choice for 2017

Democratic gubernatorial ticket would be spoiler Tom Perriello is billing himself as a grass roots, populist candidate versus Lt. Governor Ralph Northam who has the backing of both the Democrat establishment in Virginia and a huge grassroots network of his own.  Yet, a story in the Washington Post reveals that 57% of Perriello's contributions derive from out of state sources and  come primarily large donors.  In contrast, only 11% of Ralph Northam's funding comes from outside of Virginia.   The take away?  Perriello's is depicting himself as a grassroots populist but his campaign funding tells us otherwise.   If you want someone who will represent Virginians and their best interests in the Governor's mansion, Perriello is not your man. Sadly, Perriello is putting his ego ahead of Virginia's best interest.

On the issue of LGBT rights, I can only hope that LGBT Virginian's will not be duped by Perriello. Of the two, Ralph Northam - who I have known from the beginning of is state senate career - is the true LGBT ally and the right person to move Virginia forward.  In fact, in sharp contrast to Northam's campaign webpage, Perriello's campaign webpage mentions LGBT rights only in passing.  Here are highlights from the Post article:
Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam had almost twice as much campaign cash available as rival Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello two months ahead of the primary, according to data compiled Tuesday by the nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP).
Northam had $3.3 million available as of March 31, compared with Perriello’s $1.7 million. But Perriello, a former congressman and State Department official, has outraised Northam since his unexpected entry into the race in early January, taking in $2.2 million to Northam’s $1.4 million.
Perriello’s haul was buoyed by several massive campaign contributions, with half of his money coming from four donors, while Northam was barred from fundraising during the 46-day General Assembly session that ended in late February.
Overall, 57 percent of Perriello’s money came from outside Virginia, compared with 11 percent out-of-state donations for Northam, according to VPAP. Perriello reported about 5,200 total donors, compared with about 11,000 total donors for Northam in the latest period, according to VPAP’s analysis of the numbers.

On the Republican side of the contest, the Post reports as follows:
In the Republican primary field, Ed Gillespie maintained his commanding financial edge in the three-person contest, raising nearly $1.9 million, which, combined with earlier fundraising, left him with just over $3 million on hand.
Gillespie’s donors reflected his former role as a top-level Republican consultant, with 49 percent of his money coming from out of state. Former president George W. Bush, who attended a Dallas fundraiser for Gillespie, kicked in $25,000, and strategist Karl Rove gave $20,000. Edward St. John, a real estate executive and philanthropist from Baltimore who gives heavily to GOP candidates, was Gillespie’s top donor in the most recent period at $50,000. Gillespie reported about 3,600 donors in total.
Corey A. Stewart, the Republican chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, had a little more than $400,000 available after taking in and spending about $300,000 in the first three months of the year. Frank Wagner, a state senator from Virginia Beach who also is subject to the fundraising ban during a legislative session, reported that his campaign treasury dwindled to $178,000 after he raised just $58,000 and spent more than $250,000.

Of the three mentioned Republicans, the only one event remotely LGBT friendly is Frank Wagner who I have known since 1994.

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