Thursday, February 16, 2017

James Comey Has Some Serious Explaining to Do

A piece in GQ looks at an issue that continues to bother me:  when is FBI Director James Comey - who I would like to see resign and then be investigated himself except for fear over who Der Trumpenführer would nominate to replace him - going to be forced to explain why he sought to sabotage Hillary Clinton's campaign while hiding information on the Trump/Russia communications and possible collusion to throw the election to Trump?  Clinton's actions pale compared to the possible treason that we are now contemplating.  Yet, Comey kept it under wraps.  Why?  When will he be forced to explain what appears to be his complicity in the Trump/Putin effort?  Here are article excerpts:
You remember James Comey, right? The FBI director who dropped a live hand grenade into the toilet that was the 2016 presidential race by disclosing just eleven days before Election Day that the Bureau was investigating newly discovered evidence related to the Hillary Clinton email scandal in which she had been cleared of months earlier? The one who followed up on this inscrutable-yet-ominous-sounding announcement by concluding a few days later that, haha, just kidding, there wasn't anything remotely relevant in these stupid emails, sorry if I torpedoed your election and maybe helped deliver the White House to a semiliterate social media celebrity? That James Comey? Good, because holy hell does this man have some explaining to do.
Bombshells about the Trump White House's ties to the Kremlin have come at a dizzying rate of late, as news that erstwhile national security advisor Michael Flynn talked shop with Russian diplomats before the inauguration now gives way to the revelation that Trump campaign aides were chatting up Russian intelligence officials—who all along were tampering with the election in an effort to promote Trump's candidacy—throughout the presidential race.
[W]hen the FBI's probe of the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal turned up a few stray Clinton emails, Director Comey felt the need to immediately share this vital information about the Democratic nominee with the American public. Meanwhile, when the FBI discovered that the other presidential candidate's closest advisors were in regular contact with Russian intelligence officials, it said...nothing at all.
 If he knew his agency had evidence that the Trump camp just might be colluding with a foreign government to swing the election, pulling the fire alarm on the inane Clinton emails story as he did is the height of irresponsibility, stupidity, partisanship, or some unholy combination thereof.
 Just a week before Trump's inauguration, the Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General launched an inquiry into Director Comey's conduct during the election. Assuming it manages to survive under the new administration, the investigation just got a whole lot more complicated.
I have worked with the FBI on several cases and have acted as an expert adviser.  I was always struck by the competence of the special agents I worked with.  Now, with Comey's conduct, the reliability and integrity of the FBI has been put into question.  Only Comey's removal will begin to repair the damage.  But he cannot be safely removed  until Der Trumpenführer has either been impeached or jailed for treason. 

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