Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hypocrisy on Parade: Craigslist M4M Ads Surge During CPAC

UPDATED: Apparently the Human Rights Campaign ran this ad on Grindr in the Washington, DC, area during the CPAC convention:

As noted earlier, the hypocrisy of these "conservatives" and evangelical Christians is breathtaking.

There's been lots of media coverage of the Conservative Political Action Conference ("CPAC") this past week where alt-right types, Christofascist extremists, and lots of closeted gays gathered in Washington, DC, to push their extremist agenda and prostitute themselves to Trump's new neo-fascist regime.  Except you didn't see or hear anything about the closeted gays unless you were to check out the Craigslist ads for male on male sex.  On those pages one found one of the hallmarks of Republican and conservative gatherings: lots of closeted men out of town and on the make for a taste of forbidden fruit.  (Something similar happens at every GOP convention.  On a somewhat related note, here in Hampton each year when Hampton University hosts a gathering of conservative and supposedly non-alcohol drinking pastors, the nearby liquor stores sell out).  Queerty checked out the Craigslist ads and offers a sampling of the hypocrisy of the Bible thumpers at CPAC.  Here are excerpts:
Milo may have had his invitation rescinded, but let’s not fool ourselves thinking he was the only gay in the village.
The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Washington D.C.’s annual gathering of regressive thinkers from all walks of life, actually has a cruisey gay underbelly.
Last year we heard from some of these exotic birds when a journalist roamed the halls and arranged interviews via Grindr.
This year we have a few deeper glimpses into their mating rituals through Craigslist personals. Yep, those things are still around.
Here’s what’s going on around the convention that Mike Pence probably isn’t going to mention during his key note address:
“Any other CPAC guys here?” begins one innocent-sounding ad.
Then he gets to the meat of it:
“I’m looking for one or more guys who want to have some fun. Will be here til Sunday. Maybe we could meet at the reception tonight, or over a drink at the bar…or f*ck it, we could just go back to my room and dive right in. Got room to myself the rest of the week/end (girlfriend had to leave), so I’m ready to let a little loose.”
Charming, his girlfriend is one lucky lady.
Another ad from a man who signs off as just “Dad” is searching for different kind of Red State Special:
“If you are a real hot boy, who is clean and discreet and thinks straight, like I do and you have a certain ‘itch’ that need scratching, please contact this ‘DILF’, next door type who is a great lover and a really nice man and the possessor of just what you need!
You should do this. It will be good for you and make you a happier boy. HMU.”
Then there’s the guy looking for a “cornfed Republican,” and preferably someone like “those Romney boys.”
They’re all yours, we’ll pass.
And let’s not leave out the “CPAC Aryan mil jock ISO dom owner,” because he just sounds like a real catch.
Will these guys find what they’re looking for? Will Ben Carson fall asleep on stage? Will Ricky Perry answer one or more of these ads?

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Biki Honko said...

The word is that Grindr can't refresh fast enough when at CPAC either. The way I feel, is if you sleep with someone who is CPAC famous, its your duty to snap a photo of them naked and having gay sex. It's time to out these lying dirt bags, and show their fans just who they really are. Normally, I'm not a fan of phuck and tell, but these two faced closeted haters need to be outed.