Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Morning Reflections - and Sadness for America

A group of us went to see the movie "Jackie" last evening.  The movie was very well done and I can now understand the talk about Natalie Portman perhaps receiving an Academy Award nomination.  Being of an age where I remember first hand watching the news and TV coverage after the fateful day in Dallas in 1963, the movie brought back some of the emotions from that time.  But it also had me constantly thinking "what the Hell has happened to America"  that a crude, narcissistic bully and demagogue like Donald Trump will soon be the resident at the White House.   John F. Kennedy certainly had his faults, but he challenge America to be its best and seemingly cared about making things better for all Americans.  In contrast, with Trump we have a would be authoritarian leader who won office by appealing to hatred and bigotry and who through his cabinet nominees seems poised to erase the progress in equality that has occurred over the years since 1963. 

The reality this morning is that racist, homophobes and those who would destroy public education and the social safety net are ascendant.  This Friday, a would be fascist who cares nothing about upholding and protecting the U.S. Constitution will be sworn into the presidency.  Worse yet, there are serious reasons to believe that Trump is either subject to Russian blackmail or colluded with a hostile foreign power to win the 2016 presidential election. Compounding the nightmare, Congressional Republicans for the most part are seeking to turn a blind eye to possible treason and seek to wage war on average Americans, literally pursuing policies that will lead to premature deaths of many, many Americans. 

The movie "Jackie" ends with the vision of the Kennedy White House as "Camelot" - an image Jackie Kennedy sought to plant and maintain.  Now, with Donald J. Trump soon to be the titular president - I will NEVER recognize or respect him as such - it feels as King Arthur has been slain by Mordred or akin to Rome being sacked by the Visigoths.  I have little faith in American intelligence services to take down Trump  - and hopefully Pence too if he was complicit in Trump's dealing with Putin - as needs to be done.  It seems that our only hope may be that Britain's MI-6 or other allied intelligence services get the goods on Trump and release the information to the foreign media.  My faith in the American media that gives false equivalence to the reprehensible and untruths to do the job that the Founding Fathers envisioned.

Darkness is descending on America and it must be resisted.   

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