Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Year's Day Reflections

Perhaps it's because I was up until nearly 3:00 am after hosting friends at our home last night and then had someone ring the door bell at 8:00 am setting the dogs off into barking mania.  Or perhaps it's because the weather is overcast and dreary.  More likely, the nightmare that will occur on January 20, 2017, continues to haunt me. In any event, I cannot remember a New Year's day on which I have had such a sense of foreboding and sense of impending calamity.  I sincerely hope that I am wrong, but I fear that 2017 will see the end of America as most of us have known it as Trumpism and neo-fascism are ascendant.  

Yes, last night's party was fun to an extent and it was nice to have numerous friends and neighbors gathered in our home, but as the clock struck midnight, I found it very, very difficult to say "Happy New Year."  I felt as if it was forced gaiety, at least on my part.  Not that I don't wish much happiness in 2017 to my family and friends.  I just fear that whatever good and happiness comes, it will be overshadowed by the continuing national tragedy as the Founding Father's republic dies.  Not all at, once by step by step as  Trump and Congressional Republicans destroy the social safety net, roll back the rights of many, LGBT Americans and minorities being particularly targeted.  History will no doubt find it ironic that the Electoral College that was supposed to be the fail safe measure to protect the nation was in fact what guaranteed the republic's death.

We have a drag brunch at 1:00 pm that we will be attending at a friend's restaurant.  Hopefully, it wall be a distraction from the gloom and foreboding that I feel.  At least there won't be many Trump voters in attendance, which, of course, will be a good thing. I am definitely not in the mood to be even remotely civil to such people today. 

To all my readers, I wish you a Happy New Year.  I hope for the best for all of us.  Meanwhile, if nothing else, the coming reign of Der Fuhrer will certainly give me plenty to write about.  

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