Friday, December 16, 2016

Scott Rigell: It’s Clear Russia Influenced 2016 Election

I will be the first to admit that I never have liked GOP Congressman Scott Rigell, but as he has wound down his time in Congress, he seems to have finally gotten his head out of his ass in a number of ways and belatedly spoken the truth and stopped putting his political party ahead of the nation and the best interests of the residents of the Virginia 2nd Congressional District.  Perhaps knowing that he no longer had to worry about a primary challenge by white supremacists and Christofascists in the GOP base, Rigell has felt free to speak candidly.   His recent comments on the 2016 election and Der Fuhrer are most part directly on point.  One can only hope that newly elected Scott Taylor will act as Rigell has in the waning days of his term of office. Here are highlights on Rigell's remarks from Roll Call:
Retiring Virginia Rep. Scott Rigell, who made waves when he broke with the Republican Party over Donald Trump’s presidential nomination, said the president-elect's choice of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State is “deeply flawed.”
In addition to his worries about Tillerson’s lack of diplomatic experience, Rigell told Hampton Roads TV station WAVY he is concerned about the Exxon Mobil CEO’s close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the role Russia may have played in the U.S. presidential election.
“It is clear to some degree they influenced our election,” Rigell said.
Additionally, Rigell hopes Trump takes seriously the implications of the hack, and heeds the intelligence agencies call for further investigation.
“I think it would actually heighten his presidency if he would lead and advance the cause of exactly what happened,” Rigell added. 
Rigell, who represents Virginia's 2nd District, was an outspoken opponent of Trump’s candidacy, and eventually endorsed Libertarian Gary Johnson over his party’s nominee.
At one point, Rigell called the real estate mogul “a bully unworthy of our nomination,” and asserted that a Trump presidency would be “reckless, embarrassing and ultimately dangerous.”
Months later, Rigell’s opinion hasn’t changed.  “I have always said there is not one character trait in him that I would want my son to emulate. Not one," Rigell told WAVY. 
“I think Donald Trump has deeply divided our country, and I cannot see him bringing us together,” Rigell said. “Do I hope that happens? Yes, I do because I am an American first, but for him to say, ‘We are going to make Mexico pay for it’ is a bizarre statement."
Rigell decided not to seek a fourth term in January, and will be replaced by Republican Scott Taylor.

I guess Rigell's conversion is a case of better late than never.  Scott Taylor needs to know that we will be watching him closely, especially when it comes to voting on anti-LGBT legislation.  Personally, I cannot fully trust Taylor after his endorsement of Trump. 

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