Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reduced Posting Alert

Dinner for 8 Monday night
The holidays are always insane for us and this year seems even crazier than past years in terms of a fully booked social schedule. Since a week ago this past Saturday we have had a social event every day.  This madness continues through this coming Sunday when we have three events in one day.  When we are not going to events, we are hosting dinners as tonight and last night for special friends and/or clients.   The result is that the number and frequency of posts will likely be reduced.  

A slightly less ornate dinner for 5 last night
We do love to entertain and socialize.   Tomorrow we have drinks at the home of friends followed by dinner at the James River Country Club. There will be eleven of us and only the host couple will be straight.  Trump may have stolen the election, but we are slowly winning the war.  

I wish a merry and happy holiday season to one and all. 

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