Friday, December 30, 2016

Elite Washington Schools Snub Trump's Mistress of Lies

Perhaps there remains some small measure of justice as the nation hurls towards disaster under the regime of Der Fuhrer.  It seems, according to Page Six and some other sources that despite Kellyanne Conway's efforts, elite schools around Washington, D.C., want nothing to do with Conway's children.  Since Donald Trump wants to destroy public education as evidenced by his Secretary of Education nominee, Betsy DeVoes, it is fitting that Conway might have to place her children in public school or settle for some church affiliated school high on toxic theology and short on quality science and fact based education. I have no malice towards Conway's children - none of us get to choose our parents - but Ms. Conway is hopefully learning that there are consequences to selling one's soul to the service of a narcissistic, sexual predator pathological liar.  Conway forgets that less than 27% of voters supported Der Fuhrer and that no election land slide occurred except in the mind of that psychopathic liar and is sycophants.  Here are highlights from Crooks and Liars:
This is a Page Six story, so we look at it with the usual amount of skepticism we have for DC gossip. But after all her whining that she wasn't going to take a White House job because her children needed their mom at home (Re-launching the mommy wars to garnish sympathy from Stuart Varney, Kellyanne? Nobody cares.), it now appears poor Kellyanne Goebbels Conway can't seem to get the DC elite public schools to bend to her will.
“My children are 12, 12, 8, and 7, which is bad idea, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea for mom going inside [the White House],” Conway said. “They have to come first and those are very fraught ages.” She then implied that the same standards should apply to all mothers who are seeking high-level jobs. When male colleagues suggested Conway take a White House job, she said, “I did politely mention to them that the question isn’t, ‘Would you take the job?’ … but ‘Would you want your wife to?’ And you really see their entire visage change. It’s like, oh, no, they wouldn’t want their wife to take that job.”
The struggle is real, Kellyanne. No one around DC wants Kellyanne or her children infesting their schools. Yes, I know, they are innocent children and shouldn't be punished because their mother is a soulless, vapid, shallow, narcissistic, lying liar or all liars who talks out of both sides of her mouth while also sucking the life out anyone in her path.
So here is the story: Page Six reports that Sewer Rat Barbie is worried that her kids will get blackballed from DC elite schools because, get this, they are *prejudiced* against President Trump. Yes, prejudiced. Oh my, she is feeling discriminated against because of who she is and that is so hard, right? How unfair it is to her children to be banned from things purely because of something out of their control, like their parent's beliefs or heritage, right?
The irony is delicious, coming from a party and candidate that literally only wins elections because of voter suppression, gerrymandering and racism. Oh, and her candidate quite literally ran on a racist campaign. But she feels discriminated against? Of course.
I expect the schools have no problem with Conway children attending but would rather Kellyanne stayed away from the PTO meetings.
And given her history of lying, it's entirely possible that Kellyanne floated this story herself in order to remind everyone what a great mom she is and how persecuted her President Trump's White House is by the Beltway insiders, boo hoo.
Meanwhile, Kellyanne is reaching out of her *friends* at her kids' current private school for help finding a placement for her children.  Welcome to the swamp, Kellyanne!

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