Sunday, November 27, 2016

Where to Shop, Not Shop for the Holidays

Stores to boycott and/or contact with complaints about anti-equality brands
The husband and I believe in not giving financial support to businesses and vendors that are hostile to LGBT equality and same sex marriage.  The same applies to anti-LGBT "charities" like The Salvation Army or locally, The Union Mission that have a documented history of anti-LGBT bigotry or refusing to provide services to LGBT individuals and/or couples.  This year boycotting companies that are anti-LGBT takes on new urgency as Donald Trump/Mike Pence prepare to unleash and anti-LGBT jihad in payback to the 81% of gay hating evangelical Christians who helped elect them. Already, Trump's named picks for Attorney General and Secretary f Education ought to be causing LGBT Americans to have nightmares.  Things will get even worse once Trump makes a selection from his list of anti-LGBT zealots on his Supreme Court nominee list.  The Advocate has an article that looks at companies that deserve LGBT patronage and those that do not.  Another source of information is the Human Rights Campaign's corporate equality index.  Why give your hard earned money those who hate you and want to keep you a third class citizen. 

This year, an added consideration is the need to avoid retailers that carry Trump brand goods, including Ivanka Trump's clothing line.  Equally important is the need to contact these retailers and let them know that their decision means that you and others will choose to spend your money elsewhere.  Yes, it takes time and effort, but over time, businesses can be educated to come to view being anti-equality as being very bad for business.

Please read these sources and spend your money wisely at businesses that support equality and religious freedom for all Americans, not just right wing "Christians."  Encourage supportive friends and family members to do the same. 

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