Friday, November 25, 2016

Trump Voter Fired for Racist Rant

Per the last two posts, really I have no use for Trump supporters who, despite their gyrations to explain their vote in terms other than racism and bigotry, are fooling no one other than themselves.  One Trump supporter in Alabama was honest enough to clearly state her reasoning.  Her honesty - and open racism - cost her her job and rightfully so given her position dealing with the public, which in Alabama includes many blacks. looks at Regions Bank's decision to fire this KKK member want to be.  Here are highlights:
A Regions Bank senior-level employee who was labeled "Racist of the Week" on social media after posting comments on Facebook derogatory of President Obama and his family, some of which alluded to slavery, is no longer with the company, the bank says.
June Pridmore was senior vice president of loan operations since 2008, according to her LinkedIn profile, which has been deleted.
"I voted [Trump] in," she wrote, in part. "I like him. He has a beautiful wife unlike the ugly and embarrassing woman (for lack of a better word), in the White House now. Ms. Trump's face would make Michele (sic) O'Bama (sic) a Sunday face." . . . .
Not surprisingly, the comments, like the spate of similar racists thought expressed through social media since President-elect Donald Trump's victory, ignited a social media firestorm.
Regions, headquartered in Birmingham, initially said it launched an investigation and revealed its response today.
Bank spokesperson Jeremy King said: "We appreciate the concerns shared about offensive social media comments that were made through an associate's personal Facebook account. We want you to know that we share those concerns. Those comments do not reflect our values as a company or the way we do business. The associate is no longer an employee of the company."
Pridmore's comments also raised concerns about whether her apparent biases might have influenced any loan approvals.
I can only imagine what Ms. Pridmore thinks of gays and Jews, not to mention Hispanics and non-Christians. 

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