Friday, November 18, 2016

Trump, Evangelicals and Moral Bankruptcy Spotlighted

As a previous post has noted, what breached the "blue wall" of Hillary Clinton in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin was the vote of angry white evangelicals driven by what they viewed as their last chance to force their toxic religious views on all of society.  Rather than face modernity, the need to think for themselves, and the untruth of many of their cherished beliefs, these selfish, hate-filled people voted for a thrice married, serial adulterer, sexual predator and pathological liar, thus displaying the true nature of the "Biblical values" that they desperately cling to.  The question now is whether the media and the rest of society will finally cease giving deference to their feign piety and posturing and recognize them for the toxic hypocrites that they are in fact.  Sadly, my faith in the media to wake up and expose the rancid and toxic nature of these people is almost non-existent.  A piece in Daily Kos looks at what these evangelical "Christians" have revealed about themselves.  Here are excerpts:
Evangelicals don't care who they vote for—however morally repugnant or vengeful. That person can grab pussy and brag about it. That person can incite violence against the tired and downtrodden. He can even cheat the poor.
None of that matters. All evangelicals really care about: Imposing their tunnel-vision version of morality on others. Whatever it takes. Even if that vehicle hasn't exhibited a shred of moral decency or integrity in his interactions with others his entire life. Even if that person has used his position of power and wealth to manipulate others, to step on the little guy. Even if that person would ogle their daughters or wives and freely assault them without compunction. Yep, 81 percent of white evangelicals voted for that candidate—Donald Trump—and they're pretty proud of themselves, writes Julie Zauzmer:
And then on Wednesday, evangelicals woke up remembering what it’s like to feel victorious again in American politics.
Their deepest desires may be enacted into laws – or hated laws repealed. Their prayers were answered – by electing a rude, crude and morally unacceptable nonbeliever,” Hartford Seminary professor Scott Thumma, who studies megachurches and nondenominational evangelical churches, wrote in an email. “I have interacted with a few evangelicals since the election … and every one of them were proud and happy to have had a part in Trump’s election – not exactly because of who Trump is, but what he stood for.”
Anything or anyone to make them feel like their antiquated views and fantastically twisted version of moral probity are not only defensible but right.
And with that, white evangelicals lost any claim to morality this election. Never again can they claim the high ground or say a candidate is unfit for office because of their personal beliefs or actions. They have sullied themselves by jumping into bed with Trump. It's satisfying to see how proud they are after having spent the last several decades of the culture wars casting judgment on others for their behavior and "lifestyle" choices. No more, evangelicals. Your moral credibility is zero. When you elevate someone like Trump as your salvation, you’ve sacrificed your integrity. In totality. There’s just no recovering from that. But hey, keep on basking in that glow—we’re glad to see that you’ve finally revealed your true selves. 
And the next time you claim something is immoral, all we’ll have to say is: Trump.
 For close to 20 years now I have said that evangelical, fundamentalist Christians are not only not nice or decent people, but also that they threaten constitutional government in America.  With Trump's election, our republic may have died and it is all thanks to these foul and horrible people. They deserve nothing but utter contempt from the rest of society.  

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