Monday, November 21, 2016

Quote of the Day on Trump Voter Hypocrisy

As noted frequently on this blog, the hypocrisy of many Trump supporters - a number of whom I know here in Hampton, Virginia, and other parts of Hampton Roads - is pretty amazing.  These people voted for a man whose campaign was based on racism and misogyny, but they now are striving to disavow the ugliness and bigotry of what their candidate stands for and, based upon initial the appointees named to date, will carry forward into his administration. It has been hard to adequately describe my feelings towards these individuals.  Blogger friend Bob Felton in North Carolina has captured the situation perfectly.  Here is the money quote:
Less than 2-weeks after the election of Donald Trump, Republicans are demanding that they not be identified with the racism, xenophobia, misogyny, corruption and nepotism of their candidate.
Right. They just prefer a candidate who happens to be all of those things to a candidate who is none of those things.
Pardon me if I’m detecting some eau de 60’s here, as in “We love our darkies!”
 Sorry, ladies, but, bless your hearts, you knew exactly what you were voting for. Trump’s racist and ethnic hostilities, his lies, his shabby business conduct, his ignorance, his bullying, his degrading treatment of women, his overt hostility to America’s foundational ideals … those were front and center for 18-months. You can’t plead ignorance. Nor, after 7 separate Congressional investigations found no evidence of wrongdoing, can you plead Benghazi. And with Trump holding telephone conference with world leaders on an unsecured phone line, you’re going to look foolish if you plead e-mail. . . .  you sat at the family dinner table and announced and defended your support for a man who does exactly what you tell your children not to do.
Y’all aren’t kidding anybody but yourselves. You own it.

For my friends who voted for Trump, read these words and then take a good look in the mirror.  You can deny your true selves, but the rest of us - and future generations - have your number and will adjust our interactions with and view of you accordingly. 

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