Friday, November 04, 2016

2016 Caribbean Cruise - Days 5 and 6

Bohio Dive Resort from the water - click image to enlarge
Wednesday and Thursday were hectic days.  On Wednesday we were in Grand Turk and snorkeled and did rum tasting (the latter pretty much wiped me out) and yesterday I spent much of the day dealing with law firm work and finalizing my November column for VEER Magazine.  Both days I simply was worn out and trying to spend some time with the husband and friends also on the cruise. 

Of the islands we visited this trip, Grand Turk most won my heart, particularly since it is not over commercialized.  The international airport and main tourist hotels lies on the island of Providenciales (Provo as locals call it) on the other side of the island chain.   One of our friends arranged our excursion to be a snorkeling outing followed by rum tasting at the Bohio Dive Resort.  I cannot say enough good things about this small 16 room resort with a beautiful beach and a short boat ride from the Grand Turk "wall" where the sea bottom drops in a sheer cliff from relatively shallow to over 7000 feet in depth.  The fish and coral were amazing!

As for the rum tasting - which was after the snorkeling - our hostess did not skimp on the rum!   After trying shots of three local rums we moved on to rum drinks of various sorts.  I would definitely come back to Grand Turk and would want to stay at this resort.  With only 16 rooms, we could put together a group and have our own resort for a week. 
Busy tasting rum!
Boats that ferry scuba divers and snorkeling groups to the "Wall"

Yesterday was a day at sea.  We began the day believing were were bound back to Norfolk only to learn that a passenger had had a medical emergency and that we would be diverting to Nassau and the nearest significant hospital.  We ended up leaving Nassau around 8:00 pm and should learn when we will arrive in Norfolk tomorrow.  I suspect we will not be making our formerly scheduled 8:00 am arrival time. 

Sunset last evening as we headed South towards Nassau
Hopefully today will be less crazy work wise and we can savor our last day at sea before returning to the "real world."

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