Tuesday, November 01, 2016

2016 Caribbean Cruise - Days 3 and 4

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Amber Cove cruise ship port

Our cruise continues to be quite enjoyable, although yesterday while at sea we experienced 41 knot winds and today our trip into the rain forest in the Dominican Republic which had as its destination one of the beautiful pools at the Damajagua Waterfalls (pictured above) was truly an experience in the rain. Luckily, the rain did not get anyone's spirits down and before boarding the coach back to the ship we savored rum punch and beer. The guides were wonderful - and some of the guys VERY cute - and overall the experience was a positive one.

Last night for Halloween, many of the passengers went all out with costumes.  The husband and I were very plain in comparison as the photo below indicates.  It was good fun and I got to do some dancing as well.

As far as our ship goes, I give the Carnival Sunshine a positive review.  The cleanliness, crew courtesy and food quality has been great.  If I have one complaint, it is the line's failure to enforce any sort of a minimum dress code in the main dining rooms.  This even, eight passengers - likely from Gloucester, Virginia, from the looks and waist size of them - were seated at the table next to our table of five, all of whom were attired in sport coats (no ties) and nice slacks.  The men at the next table were less well dressed than I would be if I were running to Lowes on a Saturday morning to pick up mulch, lumber, or something else for a home project without "cleaning up" beforehand.  Oh, and did I mention the ball caps on their heads as that sat at the table.  All definitely had the look of Trump voters.     
Shortly before leaving the Dominican Republic

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