Saturday, October 08, 2016

Quote of the Day: Michelangelo Signorile on Trump

In a Facebook post, writer and radio host Michelangelo Signorile sums up the reality of Donald Trump and his supporters - and by extension today's Republican Party in its entirety.  He thankfully hits on the moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy of the evangelical "Christians" who are supporting a thrice married, serial adulterer.  Here's the quote:
So now we have a GOP presidential candidate who admits to, promotes sexual assault of women and then gives a bullshit video non-apology mostly focused on the Clintons and how they're supposedly worse.
Billy Bush's involvement partially explains how we got here. Many in the media indulged, encouraged and excused #Trump, their fun rich pal.
The hypocrisy is astounding as well. Trump supporters have claimed Hillary was wrong to stick with Bill after he had affairs. (Of course, this is a private matter between them and none of us know how they work it out). So I'm sure they're calling for Melania to leave Trump now, right?
And yes, the evangelicals -- voting for him anyway and already putting out the "everyone's a sinner" crap. In a way it’s not inconsistent for evangelicals to support Trump because they, too, want to grab vaginas/whole bodies of women via the next Supreme Court pick.
And GOP leaders are "sickened" but still supporting this corrupt, racist monster, who even yesterday said he still believed the Central Park 5 are guilty, despite being exonerated by DNA evidence.
Let's hope this destroys not the just Trump but the entire Republican Party.
 Well said!!

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