Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Trump To Headline Anti-LGBT Hate Group Event

Remember how self-loathing "gays for Trump" have ridiculously claimed that Trump would be the better president when it comes to protecting gays?  That same Donald Trump is now going to be headlining a veritable hate fest of anti-gay Christofascists in Orlando just two months after the Pulse massacre.  Some of the attendees who will be at this gathering of religious extremists even went so far as to complain that the Pulse shooter didn't kill even more LGBT individuals. I'm sorry, but in my view, if you are a gay Republican you need to either pull your head out of your ass and/or seek a mental health intervention to over come your apparent internalized homophobia.  People for the American Way (which advocates for separation of church and state) had these remarks:

According to news reports today, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump will be attending an American Renewal Project event along with Sen. Marco Rubio later this week in Orlando, scheduled to take place exactly two months after the horrific Pulse nightclub shooting. The event includes some of the most extreme anti-gay activists in the country and is organized by an activist who has said that God would punish the country with “car bombs in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Des Moines” for the LGBT-inclusive program at President Obama’s inauguration.
People For the American Way president Michael Keegan released the following statement:
“That the GOP standard bearer is choosing to rub shoulders with some of the most extreme anti-gay voices in the country speaks volumes about the Republican party today. These are people who revile gay people, calling them ‘demonic,’ and who claim that LGBT rights will lead to the ‘utter destruction’ of our country. But the GOP presidential candidate seemingly has no qualms about casting his lot with these dangerous anti-gay voices.”
 Right Wing Watch also looks at the foul gathering that Trump will be headlining.  Here are excerpts:
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is scheduled to attend a radical anti-LGBT event in being held in Orlando this week exactly two months after the Pulse nightclub shooting, according to news reports from Jenna Browder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg News.
As we reported last week, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and a host of anti-LGBT extremists are slated to address the “Rediscovering God in America” event, which is sponsored by the American Renewal Project.
Self-described “political operative” David Lane founded the American Renewal Project as a way to mobilize conservative Christian voters and inspire right-wing pastors to run for elected office. He told Jacobs that he intends to quiz Trump on how he plans to fight “homosexual totalitarianism” and the gay rights “militants.”
Lane, a vocal opponent of LGBT equality, has said that “homosexuals praying at the Inauguration” in 2012 would cause “car bombs in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Des Moines, Iowa” as a sign of God’s judgment and that the “pagan onslaught” of the LGBT rights movement will lead to the destruction of America. 
Local lunatic and professional Christian parasite Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network lauded Trump for attending the hate fest.  Here are excerpts:
We have an exclusive to share with you: GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump will be speaking to hundreds of pastors this Thursday in Orlando, Florida. This is a private event sponsored by the American Renewal Project.
Trump will speak to them about his push to repeal the Johnson Amendment. The law, which has been in place for decades, has made it more difficult for pastors to speak out on political issues and candidates from the pulpit. We should also note that former presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio will also speak to pastors at the two-day event.
Events like this one will be crucial to Trump if he wants to beat Hillary Clinton. The reality is that evangelical pastors are a major key ingredient to mobilizing the masses. They hold great power over a captive audience every week in the pews. Trump needs them engaged. If they are, the flocks will typically follow.
The result? A bottom up approach that will affect turnout exponentially. The top down approach of receiving key endorsements won't do squat unless the evangelicals sitting in the pews are motivated.
Trump shouldn't assume that the anti-Hillary sentiment will be all he needs. No. He needs to do some work and by showing up in Orlando he's well on his way to striking evangelical gold.

Note how Trump wants to grant tax-exempt churches the right to engage in political activities.  Stated another way, Trump wants to force all taxpayers to indirectly subsidize the political activities of churches that seek to take away their civil rights.   

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