Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pat Robertson: Satan Inspires Liberals To Lie About Donald Trump (And Him)

One of the downsides of living in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia is that try as the region might to attract progressive businesses and stop the brain drain of college educated locals who graduate from  college and move to more progressive cities and regions (DC and Atlanta are big rivals as is New York City), we continue to have the foul presence of Pat Robertson and his right wing creations, Christian Broadcasting Network and Regent University, that make the area look like a lunatic backwater.  Now, true to form, Pat Robertson has shot off his mouth and said that Satan is behind liberals' criticisms about the GOP's would be fuhrer, Donald Trump. Having known one of Robertson's sons and his daughter-in-law in my GOP past, I keep wondering when are they going to shuffle Pat off to the attic and keep him under lock and key.  The man is more insane by the day. Right Wing Watch looks at Robertson's latest case of dementia induced verbal diarrhea.  Here are excerpts:
Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson defended GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump over his recent comment that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, nothing could be done to prevent her and her judicial nominees from doing away with gun rights unless “Second Amendment people” stop them.
Robertson blamed liberal monitoring groups for the uproar, alleging that they twisted Trump’s remarks, before he himself went ahead and altered Trump’s remarks to make them more benign.
The televangelist told co-host Wendy Griffith that he feels for his “buddy” because he has been the victim of similar hit jobs from Media Matters and People For the American Way. (Right Wing Watch is a project of People For the American Way).
“I sympathize with Donald Trump. I had a group called Media Matters, I had another group called People For the American Way, they taped every single word that I said and I did about 10,000 broadcasts, I did many adlibs, and every time they would take my words and transpose—they would take connectors out and they would put it out, and there was somebody at the AP who was one of their clones and they picked [it] up and across the country would come these idiotic statements,” he said. “The same thing is being done to Trump.”
These supposed lies about Trump and himself, Robertson explained, are inspired by the same source: Satan.
“Every time they’re going to twist the words, I know what it’s like, he has my profound sympathy but these people are profound liars and they’re set up as liars,” he said. “The devil is a liar and the father of lies, according to the Bible.”
 If the devil is the father of lies, then Robertson must be one of his top apprentices.

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