Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is Trump Turning the Electoral Map Blue?

Many Republicans are telling themselves that Donald Trump's seeming sinking fortunes in poll after poll are due to the man's vulgarity, blatant ignorance on national security issues, and generally unappealing personality.  This may be partly true, but these same Republicans need to wake up and realize that Trump is merely the embodiment of the agenda that the GOP has been pushing for decades, an agenda that relies on racial hatred, religious extremism, homophobia and xenophobia as it the hooks to get working class whites to vote against their own economic interest.  A piece in Vanity Fair looks at Trump's and the GOP's plunging fortunes.  Here are excerpts:
Throughout the election, Donald Trump has challenged conventional wisdom about how to run a campaign, flipping the script on what makes a successful politician. He has also, in the process, flipped the electoral map—and not in his favor. According to a series of new surveys, Hillary Clinton has gained a double-digit lead over Donald Trump in several battleground states, turning what were once purple or red states reliably blue.
Clinton’s post-convention bump is starting to look like a launching pad. . . . . he polling in each state represents a sea change from four years ago, when president Barack Obama won Virginia and Colorado by slim margins, nearly lost Florida, and was defeated by 4 points in North Carolina. “These are supposed to be battleground states, but right now, they don’t look that way,” Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, told The Wall Street Journal.
Even the possibility of a third-party spoiler couldn’t dint Clinton’s lead, which widened after a month of seemingly non-stop gaffes by the G.O.P. nominee.
Friday’s survey is the most dramatic in a series of recent polls showing Clinton pulling away from Trump nationwide, with the RealClearPolitics aggregator giving her a 6.3-point lead over Trump and a 6.4-point lead if Johnson and Stein are included. Trump, meanwhile, has promised to “just keep doing the same thing I’m doing right now.” There’s still three months to go until Election Day, but at this rate, Clinton’s headed for a landslide.

The problem for the GOP is that even if Trump loses, the blame will be thrown on him rather than taking a much needed look at - and acceptance of - the fact that what the GOP is peddling is the real problem regardless of what the Christofascist/white supremacist base of the party will say. 

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