Monday, July 18, 2016

The Utter Failure of the Log Cabin Republicans

UPDATED: As the Washington Blade is reporting, this evening, the GOP convention delegates adopted the stridently anti-gay party platform with almost no opposition:
CLEVELAND, Ohio — Delegates at the Republican National Convention ratified Monday afternoon with little opposition a party platform considered to contain the most anti-LGBT language in history.  . . . .delegates approved the 66-page document by voice vote at 4:42 pm. The number of “ayes” among the 2,470 delegates seemed overwhelming compared to the barely audible “nays.”
I left the Republican Party years ago after it became obvious to me that changing the party from within would never happen in the wake of the Christofascists' take over of the local city and county committees.  Instead, I believe that only a sustained series of electoral defeats holds the possibility of forcing the GOP to change.  This reality was utterly lost on the self-loathing gays who rallied to the Log Cabin Republicans ("LCR").  Years later after the LCR's efforts to create change in the the GOP, the result is the most anti-LGBT platform ever presented at a GOP convention in recent memory. Dan Savage has a column that eviscerates the LCR and looks at its utter failure to accomplish its claimed goals.  Here are excerpts:
So this happened last week:
Republicans moved on Tuesday toward adopting a staunchly conservative platform that takes a strict, traditionalist view of the family... [it] amounts to a rightward lurch even from the party’s hard-line platform in 2012—especially as it addresses gay men, lesbians and transgender people.... Nearly every provision that expressed disapproval of homosexuality, same-sex marriage or transgender rights passed.

The proposed 2016 GOP platform condemns same-sex marriage and calls for the appointment of judges who will overturn Obergefell, the 2015 Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states; it endorses "pray away the gay" conversion "therapies" that have been proven to be just as ineffective as they are dangerous; it backs bans on transgender Americans using appropriate public restrooms, i.e. the ones that align with their gender identities.
The Log Cabin Republicans, the most ineffectual political advocacy org this side of NAMBLA, condemned the proposed 2016 platform and tried to raise money off it too.  The Log Cabin Republicans begged people to send them "$500, $250, $100, or whatever you can give," money they would use to "take back the platform" and "take back the party." They were going to be on the floor of the RNC! They weren't going to "go quietly into the night!" They were going to fight!  And how was that fight? It was pretty fucking quiet
What I wrote back in February still applies:
Gay Republicans are praised for trying to "change their party from within" and then.... Nothing changes. Their party never changes. All the GOP candidates for president take the same old bigoted positions. It never gets any better. But no one who writes up the efforts of Log Cabin Republicans to change their party ever thinks to examine the results. There's never an accountability moment for the cocksucking wing of the "party of personal responsibility."
Actually, I'd like to amend what I wrote about the Log Cabin Republicans back in February.
Log Cabin Republicans have been working to "transform the GOP from the inside" for forty years and not only hasn't it gotten better, it has gotten worse. The 2016 Republican Platform, adopted today without a peep of protest from Log Cabin Republicans, is worse on LGBT issues than any Republican Party Platform in history. Worse than the GOP platform in 1980, when the religious right was ascendent; worse than the GOP platform in 1984, when AIDS hysteria was at its peak; worse than the GOP platform in 1992, when delegates to the RNC were waving "Family Values Forever! Gay Rights Never!" signs on the floor of the convention in Houston. Worst. Platform. Ever. 
Whatever the Log Cabin Republicans think they're doing "inside" the Republican Party, it isn't working, it has never worked, and they need to stop pretending it'll ever work. Today's Republican Party, as Andy Towle pointed out, is an anti-LGBT hate group. Period.

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EdA said...

And adding injury to insult, many of the self-loathing gay Republiscum also give money to assist in their own destruction. Do they REALLY believe that the trains won't come for them, too?