Friday, July 22, 2016

Quote of the Day:Noah Michelson on How Trump Really Views Gay

Trump meeting with leaders of anti-gay hate groups

With what Donald Trump says generally being 75% or more untrue, I remain dumbfounded how any non-self-loathing LGBT American can support Trump.  Even gay billionaires cannot fully escape the bigotry and discrimination that many of us continue to face.  Noah Michelson at Huffington Post sums up Trump's approach to gays in a single paragraph: 
Donald Trump has vowed to appoint judges who will overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality, has stated that he supports states’ rights to pass laws that give permission to discriminate against queer people, and he recently courted 400 of the most anti-queer leaders in America, so his promise to protect queer people (especially as the leader of the Republican Party which just passed “the most anti-LGBT platform in history”is nothing but a pile of steaming elephant shit and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise ― including Trump himself ― is lying to you and themselves. 

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