Monday, July 18, 2016

GOP Rep. Steve King Makes White Supremacist Comments On Live TV

While I doubt that anything will change the minds of Donald Trump's and the GOP's base supporters, I continue to hope that the undecided will be frightened or sickened by what is taking place at the GOP convention and some of the shocking things being said.  As things are going, the GOP needs to become the WPP - the white people party.   GOP congressman Steve King embodies much of the ugliness being displayed.  As Vanity Fair notes, King made white supremacist comments on live TV this evening.  Under today's GOP, things that were deemed unspeakable are now being freely said. Just as things occurred in Germany during the last years of the 1920' and 1930's.  The abnormal and unthinkable became common place.  I'm surprised that King did not work in some homophobic statement while he was at it.  Now we see it happening before our very eyes.  Here are highlights from Vanity Fair:
During a panel discussion on MSNBC on Monday evening, Rep. Steve King of Iowa said that white people contributed more to civilization than any other categories or “sub-group of people,” causing a live segment to devolve into on-air chaos.
As the show broadcast from Cleveland, where much of the conservative establishment has gathered for the Republican National Convention, King responded to comments made by ​Esquire​ writer Charles Pierce as the panel discussed Monday’s upheaval on the convention floor.
“If you’re really optimistic, you can say that this is the last time that old white people will command the Republican Party’s attention, its platform, and its public face,” Pierce said. “Of course, I thought this was going to happen after 2012, but thanks for the good work of Congressman King, I was disappointed . . . But I’ll tell you what, in that hall today, that hall is wired. It’s wired by unhappy, dissatisfied white people.”
“This whole ‘white people’ business does get a little tired, Charlie,” King said. “I’d ask you to go back through history and figure out, where have these contributions been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about. Where did any other sub-group of people contribute more to civilization?”
Than white people?” host Chris Hayes asked.
“Than—than western civilization itself, that’s rooted in western Europe, eastern Europe, and the United States of America, and every place where the footprint of Christianity settled the world,” King said. “That’s all of western civilization.”
At that point, the panel erupted in chaos, and Hayes pleaded for calm. “We are not going to debate western civilization,” he said.
No doubt in typical GOP/Trump form, King may well deny he made the comments come morning. Meanwhile, the normalization of the unthinkable is underway because of Trump and the GOP.   If one is not a conservative white Christian, all of this should leave you very disturbed.  

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