Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Donald Trump Bloviates in Virginia Beach

GOP windbag and liar in chief Donald Trump appeared before a small crowd in Virginia Beach and gave another one of his substance free speeches that played on white fears of minorities and implied that he's favor creating an even more oppressive police state.   The supposed purpose of the appearance was to address issues facing the military in this region of Navy, Army and Air Force bases.  For the most part, it turned out to be Trump's usual race based and anti-trade message.  Here are details from the Virginian Pilot
Calling himself “the law and order candidate,” Republican presidential contender Donald Trump said Monday that police need more authority to protect the public but acknowledged a growing problem of racial unrest.
Trump told a crowd of about 175 supporters in a Westin Town Center hotel ballroom that he had intended to focus his afternoon speech on his proposals to assist military veterans but changed his speech after Thursday’s ambush and killing of five Dallas police officers and wounding of 10 others. Trump and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who introduced him, both argued for a stronger national focus on law enforcement.
“It’s time for our hostility against our police and against all members of law enforcement to end, and end immediately – right now,” Trump said. “We must maintain law and order at the highest level, or we will cease to have a country.”
The presumptive GOP nominee said the violence and resulting protests highlight a growing threat of racial unrest.
“I think it’s a bigger problem than people understand. I think it’s far bigger than President Obama wants to admit,” Trump said. “He doesn’t want to admit it because it’s taking place during his administration. I mean, when you have 11 cities absolutely ready to blow up over the last three or four days – and it could very well get worse. I mean we’re just going into the summer.”
The New York businessman said he could help solve those problems by blocking U.S. companies from moving operations overseas and keeping more jobs here.
Lamenting the persistent problems of veterans snagged in the Veterans Affairs bureaucracy, Trump promised a deep investigation as soon as he takes office. Among his proposed VA changes: Eligible veterans would be able to get VA-paid medical care from any doctor or medical facility rather than just the VA hospital system.
Acknowledging Hampton Roads’ dependence on defense spending, Trump said in the interview that he’ll release a detailed plan before the Nov. 8 election, outlining how he’ll grow the size of the military. It will include more personnel, more ships, more aircraft and other equipment, he said
Three hours before his speech, three former military officers who support Clinton spoke out against Trump outside the hotel.
“Donald Trump has said so many things over the years that are just so utterly insulting to the men and women who serve our country,” said Dave Belote, a retired Air Force colonel and unsuccessful 2015 state Senate candidate. “He calls our military ‘a disaster.’ ”
During the candidate’s stop, dozens of people stood outside the front entrance of The Westin.  The number of signs for and against him was about equal.

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