Friday, July 08, 2016

Bernie Sanders To Endorse Hillary Clinton Next Week

Perhaps Bernie Sanders has awoken to the reality that his refusal to concede defeat and actions that some view as helping Donald Trump is undermining his standing in the Democrat Party and among voters opposed to Trump.  Whatever the factors that caused the change of heart and suppression of Sanders' huge ego, CBS News is reporting that Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton next week at an event in New Hampshire.  Here are story highlights:
CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett reported the Vermont senator will endorse Clinton next Tuesday in New Hampshire and bring the Democratic Party together before Donald Trump and Republicans meet for their convention.
Garrett told WCBS 880 the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee would have preferred the endorsement sooner but the campaigns are organizing it in a way to build sense of unity and momentum to counteract Trump and the Republicans a week before the Republican National Convention.
“Bernie Sanders will make it clear that he is not only with Clinton, but diametrically opposed to Trump,” Garrett explained.
Garrett also reported Sanders was getting word from Democrats that he was taking too long to endorse Clinton, and that he needed to get on board and unify the party “because Trump is the overriding existential threat to the Obama agenda and everything the Democrats accomplished the last eight years.”
Sanders told PBS’ “Charlie Rose” show that Clinton needs to be elected president.
“We have got to do everything that we can to defeat Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton,” Sanders said. “I don’t honestly know how we would survive four years of a Donald Trump” as president.

Better late than never!!  All efforts need to be focused on defeating Donald Trump, seeing Democrats retake control of the U.S. Senate and  drastically reducing GOP power in the House of Representatives. 

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Natoma said...

Bernie was always going to endorse Hillary. But he's also used his non-endorsement as leverage to get a *better* democratic platform. Ex: Hillary's movement toward universal, free, public college.

This is what he has been doing, even while people such as yourself have demonized him as egotistical, etc. The democratic platform is now better for *all* of us than it would have been had he merely conceded and left Hillary to her own, natural, corporatist, devices.