Friday, June 17, 2016

Gays to Donald Trump: Shove It, You Homophobe

Trump at an anti-gay hate group gathering
Outside the tiny circles of homocons - many of whom, in my opinion suffer from severe cases of internalized homophobia and whether they admit it or not are self-loathing - the LGBT community thinks little positive about Donald Trump.  Yet in a typical delusion Trump claims that gays love him and that he'd be "better for gays" than Hillary Clinton.  How he reaches that insane conclusion as he talks of reversing the Obergefell marriage decision and plans next week to pander to 400 of the most vile anti-LGBT Christofascist leaders is beyond dumbfounding.  A piece in The Daily Beast looks at Trump's narcissistic delusions and the reality of what the vast majority of the LGBT community thinks of Trump.  Here are excerpts:
The orange stripe in the gay flag symbolizes healing. At this rate, Donald Trump will be claiming that it stands for him by the end of the week.
This Tuesday, two days after the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, the presumptive GOP nominee inexplicably thanked the LGBT community on Twitter. It didn’t take long for LGBT Twitter users to respond in kind with the hashtag #LGBTQHatesTrumpParty.
 Because while most Americans don’t like Donald Trump, LGBT people despise him.
 Based on his tweet, Trump seemed to be under the impression that the mass shooting had convinced a sizable number of LGBT people to support his proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the country. LGBT social media users quickly disabused him of that notion with witty replies and, of course, a flood of GIFs: GIFs of Tyra Banks, GIFs of Tyler Oakley, and, of course, GIFs of RuPaul.
 There’s more proof than a few thousand tweets that LGBT Americans loathe the Republican candidate for president.
 According to May Gallup polling, Trump has a favorability rating of just 18 percent among LGBT people as compared to Hillary Clinton’s 54 percent rating with the same demographic. This gap between them is one of the widest, surpassed only by Trump’s large deficits among non-white and Muslim voters.
 Another May poll
 indicated that more than four out of five LGBT voters would rather pull the lever for Clinton. In true Trump fashion, his sudden concern for the safety LGBT Americans comes after years of mocking them and opposing their rights. Indeed, the LGBT animus against Trump runs so deep because it has been so long in the making. It’s easy to list off Trump’s most memorable displays of homophobia. For example, in a2011 New York Times interview, Trump compared his stance on same-sex marriage to his “traditionalist” attitudes about golf putter size. The bizarre analogy implied that gay men and lesbians were “weird.”
In 2014, as Gawker reminded its readers on Tuesday, Trump reacted badly when Michael Sam made NFL history as the first openly gay NFL draftee. He had some particularly choice thoughts about the celebratory kiss Sam shared with then-boyfriend Vito Cammisano, telling Fox & Friends that the football player was “really going at it.”
 And, in what should by now be familiar rhetoric, Trump complained that the “country is going to hell” because homophobes were “afraid to express their own thoughts” about the lip-lock because we’re too “politically correct.”
 The Trump campaign has been somewhat murky on same-sex marriage, too. In January, he told Fox News that he would “strongly consider” appointing Supreme Court judges to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges. But as Politico reported Wednesday, some gay Republican advocates now see a Trump White House as an opportunity to soften their party’s stance on same-sex marriage.
 While it may not be certain what a President Trump would do on LGBT issues, the things that he has said about LGBT people are crystal clear. It seems unlikely that a demographic that already hates him—and that he has spent years offending—would turn to him now for protection.
As noted at the outset, the only gays I know who support Trump have serious internalized homophobia issues and most insanely continue to attend anti-gay churches where their very being is maligned repeatedly.  To me, it's a form of sick masochism.

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