Wednesday, May 11, 2016

White Nationalist Extremist Describes Trump as "The Real Deal"

While busy refusing to release his tax returns today, Donald Trump and his campaign were also busy saying that the selection of a white supremacy group leader as a a delegate was due to a "data error."  Even as the Liar in Chief and his campaign did damage control, the white supremacist and American Freedom Party leader William Daniel Johnson, lauded Trump on CNN as "the real deal" and argued for Trump's leadership.  The Daily Beast looks at the furor which is likely to be repeated as Trump supporters feel increasingly free to vent their racism and rage against those they deem as "other."  Here are excerpts:  
Donald Trump is “the real deal” in the eyes of America’s most prominent white nationalist.
Appearing Wednesday afternoon on CNN’s The Lead, corporate attorney and American Freedom Party chief William Daniel Johnson laid out the case for the presumptive Republican nominee whose xenophobic policy suggestions have long tantalized white supremacists and xenophobes throughout the 2016 campaign.
“Mr. Trump is the real deal,” Johnson gushed to host Jake Tapper. “He will not govern by public opinion poll. He says what’s on his mind.”
Johnson, who previously ran for president with the catchy slogan “Diversity Is a Codeword for Genocide,” was famously selected as a California delegate for Trump earlier this week before the campaign quickly scrambled to nix his role following outcry.
Trump’s camp blamed Johnson’s appointment on a “database error,” and the white nationalist—whose law firm unironically assists Chinese businesses with coming to the U.S.—happily backed away so as not to “negatively impact Trump’s efforts,” he told The Daily Beast. 
“We live in a society where white people hate white people who like white people,” he explained. “And me being a white nationalist doesn’t sit well with some people. So I understand his campaign’s concerns.”
Asked by CNN whether he believes the white race is superior, Johnson played coy: “I believe that Western civilization is declining and dying out in every country around the world that has traditionally been white. Europe is being replaced by immigrants from Africa; America is the same thing happening here. And so I believe that we need to be aware of this precipitous decline in the white race.
“The whites now are so afraid to be proud of their heritage because they’re called bad names if they are.”
Despite his desire not to harm The Donald’s efforts, Johnson has previously caused the campaign some headaches. After the lawyer contributed $250 to the campaign in September 2015, Trump agreed to return the funds over concerns about his racist views. Nevertheless, Johnson went on to fund outwardly white supremacist radio ads on Trump’s behalf in a number of states, and set up a 24/7 hotline for Trump supporters who feel that they’ve been marginalized by society for their beliefs.

Oh how far the Republican Party has fallen.  The party now truly deserves to wither away and die.

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