Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Virginia GOP House of Representatives Candidate Shares His Love For “Amateur Anal” Porn

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While Republicans and their Christofascists supporters continue their hysteria over transgender restroom use and anti-LGBT agenda and anti-sex agenda, Mike Webb, a Republican candidate in Virginia’s 8th District has underscored the hypocrisy of the GOP by posted a photo on Twitter that accidentally includes a glimpse of his pornography tastes.  Once again we are reminded that it is almost always those most concerned about what happens in other peoples lives and bedrooms who are the ones that you most need to worry about and/or who are flocking to online porn sites.  The Daily Caller looks at this case of another "family values" Republican.  Here are excerpts:

Mike Webb initially ran as a Republican for the 8th District seat, which covers Arlington and Alexandria and is considered safely Democratic. He lost the nomination, though, and is now running as an independent, though he is, to say the least, unlikely to win.

Webb published a post on his campaign page Monday that included a screenshot of his computer desktop. And as it happened, Webb hadn’t bothered to close his pornography tabs when he took his screen grab.

“IVONE SEXY AMATEUR” may have a completely innocent meaning, but a quick Google search indicates the video is featured on RedTube and other very X-rated websites. Similarly, Layla Rivera is a porn star. Something about her is apparently tight, and it probably isn’t her relationship with her father.

Interestingly, even though Webb’s pornography gaffe was spotted within a few minutes of the picture going up, as of press time the post remains active an unedited.

One truly cannot make up stuff this good!

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