Sunday, May 15, 2016

Quotes of the Day - Religious Flim-Flam Men (and Women)

I do not deny that I am very hard on religion and the professional Christian class in particular which is comprised by far to many charlatans and con artists who prey on the ignorant and vulnerable.  A fellow critic of the falsely self-labeled "godly folk_ is Bob Felton, a North Carolina blogger who almost daily confronts the the bashitery of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Among other things, Bob routinely debunks the Christofascists' claims to upholding "family values" as their self-styled leaders call on followers to put God - and, of course, their guidance, ahead of spouse and children. He summed up the con game they play well this way:
[T]ake away their permission to debase you, and Albert the Pious, Russell Moore, Robert Jeffress, Pat Robertson, on and on ad nauseum, are just a bunch of plaid-suited flim-flam men.
A reader also pointed out the corruption and self-dealing that permeates much of the professional Christian class and a source to learn more about their innate corruption and love of money in a comment:
I encourage your readers to check out the Freedom From Religion Foundation,, whose monthly paper, Freethought Today, prints a report on religious misleaders who have been accused/confessed to/convicted of various crimes, from inappropriate touching to putting their hands in the till to attempted or accomplished murder.
And Franklin Graham has been doing well -- quite well -- for purportedly doing good. Strolls through Charity Navigator can be illuminating. The president of the Thomas More Law Society, for example, Richard Thompson, gets $216,428 for his efforts to deprive LGBT Americans of the same rights that other Americans have and to inflict Catholic sharia onto health care for American women.  
To see the prevalence of church leader crimes, here's but one link from  last year to a roster of crimes.  I am not a member of FFRE, but may join so as to have another source that helps expose the lies, corruption and hypocrisy of those who pretend to be "men of god" as they prey on others and enrich themselves.   

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