Monday, May 09, 2016

Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose GOP "Bathroom Bills"

Time and time again I have noted my shock that today's GOP continues to chase after a shrinking right wing white voter pool even as poll after pool suggests that the majority of voters do not support what the GOP/Christofascists are peddling.  With all Hell breaking loose around North Carolina's HB2 which was passed by the North Carolina GOP to supposedly rally North Carolina Christofascists to the voting booths in November, CNN commissioned a poll that found that nearly 3 out of 5 Americans oppose the GOP's "bathroom bills" and anti-LGBT agenda.  As I have noted before, the modern day Pharisees and political whores who now control the GOP have no long term plan for the Party's survival.  Perhaps it is a God send that Donald Trump has appeared on the scene to accelerate the death of the GOP and perhaps minimize the death throes.  Here are highlights from The Advocate on the CNN poll findings:
Most Americans support LGBT rights in some measure and oppose anti-transgender bathroom laws, such as the one passed in North Carolina, according to a poll released by CNN on Monday.
The survey found 57 percent of respondents were against laws which would require transgender people to use bathrooms that did not correspond with their gender identity. A law passed in North Carolina in March requires transgender people to use bathrooms matching the gender listed on their birth certificates, regardless of gender identity. Only 38 percent said of those polled by CNN they support such legislation.
Additionally, strong opposition outweighed strong support for these anti-LGBT laws, with 39 percent strongly opposed to 25 percent strongly supporting such efforts. Democrats and independents were more likely to oppose the transphobic laws than Republicans, but Republicans were evenly split on the matter, according to the survey.
About 75 percent of respondents favored laws guaranteeing equal protection for transgender people in jobs, housing, and public accommodations, while 80 percent were in favor of such protections for gay and lesbian people. 
I truly believe that today's GOP and its Christofascist supporters make the Pharisees of the Bible look like nice and decent people in comparison.

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