Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trump South Carolina Rally Has Shades of Nazi Behavior

I and others have accused Donald Trump of fascist behavior and policies.  Now, at a rally in North Augusta, South Carolina yesterday, Trump brought on stage thugs in attendance at the rally who engaged in behavior reminiscent of what Nazi goons did to opponents at rallies early in the rise of the Nazi Party.  What happened?  Attendees at the Trump rally roughed up a young protester who had a handmade sign denouncing Trump’s stance on immigration.   Like Hitler and his brown shirts, Trump and his followers deal with critics by engaging in physical and verbal violence.  Don't like people and/or what they have to say, the solution is to beat them up physically.  I would remind readers that a third of Trump supporters would ban gays from entering America.  Are American gays a future target of Trumps goons?  Think Progress looks at this frightening behavior.  Here are highlights:

It’s become a familiar pattern at Donald Trump rallies: a protester or several interrupt the Republican front runner, angry Trump supporters physically and verbally attack, and the offenders are escorted out by security officers. 

Tuesday’s rowdy rally in North Augusta, South Carolina brought a twist to the formula. After Trump supporters ripped away a handmade sign denouncing Trump’s stance on immigration from young protester Thomas Hill, Trump honored the men by inviting them on stage.

“I saw fists start to fly,” Trump said, referring to the protester as a “rough cookie.”  He then praised the supporters who physically confronted him, saying, “I love people with courage.”

After the protester was escorted out by security, flipping his middle fingers to the crowd as he left, Trump asked those who “took action” against him to join him on stage. After hugging the men and praising them, Trump gave them the microphone. 

“Do not let them intimidate you,” the first supporter told the roaring crowd, referring to the lone protester. “They will say anything, they will do anything to keep in power. We don’t need who is in there now. We need to get some fresh bunch up there, some fresh blood.”

The second, an Richmond County police officer and Iraq War veteran, added: “If it wasn’t for Mr. Trump right here, I don’t think any of us would have the voice that we have. This is the only man who is really going to bring America back.”

Though in recent weeks the Trump has played a recorded warning at his rallies telling supporters not to “touch or harm” protesters, the candidate has previously praised those who have acted violently.
In August, after two men inspired by Trump’s rhetoric beat and urinated on a homeless Latino man, Trump told reporters that his supporters tend to be “passionate” and said, “They love this country and they want this country to be great again.” 

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Theaterdog said...

While this was about to happen, in Paris, the lead singer of the group whose fans were massacred this fall, returned to the city, and played another concert..
It was called a 'healing' for the victims...only after the band's leader, a Trump supporter and member of the NRA called for more guns in Paris..a city still living with so much grief.
The word in french for sad triste. Unbievable is encroyable.

Thank you for your post.