Friday, February 19, 2016

ISIS Beheads 15-Year-Old Iraqi Boy for Listening to Pop Music

ISIS continues to demonstrate the evils of religion as the Jerusalem Post reports that a 15 year old boy has been executed for listening to western pop music.  Hate, the embrace of ignorance and barbarity in the name of God, of course, are not unique to Islam, and if one knows the true history of Christianity, the death toll is enormous.  Yes, the photo above is disturbing, but one needs to look at it and remember that this is what happens when people put belief in mythical writings or, in the case of Islam the rantings of a lunatic above science, knowledge and decency towards others.  Here are story highlights:
Just when you thought the Islamic State had reached its limit of depravity, it manages to outdo itself.

According to Kurdish media reports, the jihadist group that has captured wide swaths of Syria and Iraq beheaded a 15-year-old boy in Mosul for the crime of listening to Western pop music.

Reports cite officials in the northern Iraqi city as saying that the boy, Ayham Hussein, was discovered by ISIS henchman as he was listening to a portable compact disc player.

Hussein was detained by ISIS operatives as he sat inside a shop owned by his father in an open-air market in western Mosul. The boy was beaten and tried in a local sharia court, which sentenced him to be executed.

“The boy was executed by beheading in a town square in the center of the city,” a source told Kurdish media. 

The execution shocked and angered Mosul residents, some of whom staged a protest at the home of the victim’s family.
A world free of all religion would likely be a far better world.  Religion's main fruits are death, division and hatred of others.   While ISIS is perhaps an extreme example of religion's poisonous effects, many evangelical Christians likewise harbor wide hatred of others.  Sadly, Americans and the media continue to give them a free pass.

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