Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Poll: Evangelicals Flocking to Trump

New poll findings underscore the moral bankruptcy of evangelical Christians who are always quick to condemn others through the use of very selective Bible passages while patting themselves on the back for their own self-anointed piety.  It seems evangelicals are going in droves for Donald Trump whose main messages are the antithesis of the Gospel message.  Personally, I am not surprised by the findings since dishonesty and hypocrisy are the norm with politically involved "Christians" that I know and/or follow.  Here are highlights on the poll findings from Politico:

Donald Trump’s outreach to Christians is bearing fruit, if results of the NBC News/Survey Monkey weekly online tracking poll out Tuesday are any indication.

Among white evangelical Republican voters nationally, Trump earned the support of 37 percent, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, whose father is a pastor and has played a key role in recruiting faith leaders to support his son, is at 20 percent. In the same survey conducted the previous week, Cruz registered 9 percentage points higher. Below the top two contenders, Ben Carson earned 11 percent among evangelicals, and Marco Rubio took 10 percent.

The poll’s overall week-to-week standings show little shift with Trump leading the field at 39 percent, Cruz at 17 percent and Rubio at 10 percent. No other candidate received double-digit support.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton’s advantage remained in double digits, at 51 percent to Bernie Sanders’ 37 percent.

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