Monday, January 25, 2016

Grand Jury Investigating Planned Parenthood Indicts Makers Of Doctored Videos

Indicted liar David Daleiden
As has been noted many timers on this blog, literally no one lies more than the "godly Christian" crowd.  Indeed, if a lie furthers their effort to force their ignorance embracing beliefs on all of society, these people lie without blinking an eye.  Their, hypocrisy, of course, is off the charts as they claim to worship the Bible and the Ten Commandments out of one side of their mouths while they ignore their precepts and lie through their teeth.  In an interesting twist of events, a grand jury in Texas seemingly recognized this reality and rather than indict Planned Parenthood which it had been assemble to investigate instead indicted two of the leaders of the extremist Christian - using the term Christian very loosely, of course - for the fraudulent videos they concocted to smear Planned Parenthood.  As I have said before, decent moral people need to shun the self-anointed godly folk and the tawdry whores in the Republican Party who prostitute themselves to these vile people.  The New Civil Rights Movement looks at this delicious turn of events.  Here are article highlights:
A Texas grand jury that was investigating Planned Parenthood just opted to not indict the women's reproductive health care provider. Instead, it has handed down indictments for two of the makers of the controversial videos.

David Daleiden (photo), the founder of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), an anti-choice group that worked with Republican members of Congress for over a year to create the videos and create a marketing plan to release them, and another activist, have been indicted.

"Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden was indicted on a felony charge of tampering with a governmental record and a misdemeanor count of related to purchasing human organs. Another activist was also indicted on a charge of tampering with a governmental record," the Associated Press just reported.

The second person indicted is Sandra Merritt, also of the CMP. Merritt is also "the founder and CEO of BioMax, the sham tissue procurement company created by the Center to gain entry into abortion clinics and medical conferences," the Dallas Morning News adds.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson "said the grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing."

The videos are highly and selectively edited, and have been used as "evidence" by anti-abortion activists and anti-choice conservatives to fraudulently claim "Planned Parenthood sells aborted baby parts."

Every state that has investigated Planned Parenthood in response to the videos has found no evidence of wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood.

"If convicted of the top charge, Daleiden and Merritt could face up to 20 years behind bars," Buzzfeed reports.
Things are truly to a point where I have no desire to identify myself as a Christian.   Indeed, when I meet someone who starts telling me about their deep religious faith, I now assume that they are either (i) a truly horrible person, and/or (ii) a complete idiot and mental midget.   These folks are killing the Christian "brand" which is a positive development for mankind.

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