Thursday, January 07, 2016

Australia: Catholic Church's "Ticking Time Bombs" Set to Detonate

As the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy continues to prove itself to be striving to denigrate gays and keep us viewed as "inherently disordered," the Catholic Church in Australia seems to be moving more and more toward a Boston like repudiation and exposure of an organized criminal conspiracy to cover up sex abuse crimes by priests.  Non-closeted gays in open, loving same sex relationships aren't the ones who are "disordered," it is the closet cases suffering from stunted psycho-sexual development -thanks to Church teachings - many of whom also see themselves as above others - who are disordered.  The Adelaide Independent looks at the ticking time bombs that are beginning to explode in Australia.  Here are highlights:
It not only let them keep ticking away but also covered up the pedophiles’ evil deeds to protect its reputation.

The extent of the cover-up is still being dissected by the child abuse royal commission but victims advocacy group Broken Rites spokesman Dr Wayne Chamley expects its report will be absolutely scathing of the Catholic Church.

“The commission is unpicking a conspiracy,” Dr Chamley said.  “These bishops collectively have been running this conspiracy certainly since 1992.”

Minutes of a special issues committee meeting at the 1992 Australian Catholic Bishops Conference reveal: “It was agreed that there are serious ‘time bombs’ ticking away in a number of diocese at the present time.”

The group was also worried about the discovery of documents. “It does seem better to keep good records. On the other hand, it was noted that too many people are keeping too many records.”

It is the first piece of evidence showing bishops collectively knew about abuse by clergy from that date, Dr Chamley notes.

“Everybody knew about it and they decided they were going to try and battle it out and just keep it under wraps so you have all those cover-ups and moving people around,” he said.  What confounds me was not one of them was prepared to break ranks.”

The commission has heard Melbourne’s 1974-1996 archbishop Frank Little, who died in 2008, failed to remove a number of pedophile priests, while Ballarat’s 1971-1997 bishop, Ronald Mulkearns, who is in palliative care with advanced cancer, knew in 1975 that Ridsdale had abused boys but did not suspend his priestly faculties until 13 years later.

It is not so much about the individuals but what it shows about the church culture, Ballarat clergy abuse victim Andrew Collins said.

“No matter where you were in Australia there was a culture that if you were an abuse victim you really don’t stand a chance because the church didn’t want to know.
 “This miserable history cannot be denied, nor can it be rationalised away. The very fact that a faith-based institution would perpetuate such evil is incomprehensible.”
Again I ask, how does any decent, moral person continue to financially support an institution that knowingly allowed crimes against children and then worked from the Pope on down to cover up the crimes?  Are they really so afraid to think for themselves?  If they want "fellowship," join a social club that doesn't engage in criminal conspiracies against children and youths. 

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