Sunday, December 06, 2015

Rubio Further Prostitutes Himself to Christian Extremists

President Obama spoke this evening with an aim of calming a nervous American public after an apparent Muslim religious extremist terrorist attack last week in California.  Meanwhile, a desperate Marco Rubio, faced with Donald Trump soaring in the GOP polls and purported "momentum" in favor of Ted Cruz, decided he needed to further prostitute himself to the Christofascist GOP base by pledging to undo all of Barack Obama's pro-gay executive orders.  Once again. Christian extremists are given deference and praise by Republican political whores even as they seek to demonize all Muslims.  The hypocrisy is stunning.   The New Civil Rights Movement looks at Rubio's desperate self-prostitution.  Here are excerpts:
Staunch right wing conservative Catholic Marco Rubio says protecting LGBT people from discrimination forces Christians to "sin," so as President he would reverse President Barack Obama's policies. President Obama has signed several executive orders mandating that government contractors not discriminate against LGBT people, thus preventing corporations or organizations that choose to do business with the federal government from refusing to hire LGBT people, or firing them because they are LGBT.

"There’s no doubt that we need to be extra vigilant now about protecting the religious liberties of Americans and that includes having a justice department that’s vigilant about ensuring that those who hold traditional values are not being discriminated against," Rubio told Christian Broadcasting Network reporter David Brody last week in the video above that was just published Saturday. The Florida GOP Senator seemed to be concerned only with the religious liberties and traditional values of Christians, not people of other faiths, or of no faith. 

[A] President Rubio would give anti-LGBT religious businesses special rights.

Rubio singled out LGBT people, and transgender people in particular, stating he would "reverse the executive orders the President has made on things like gender equality in restrooms."

In addition to ensuring that religious organizations and even major corporations, like Hobby Lobby, for example, be allowed to discriminate against LGBT people specifically, Rubio would go even farther by ensuring the Supreme Court would be comprised of people who hold Justice Antonin Scalia's obscure vision that the Constitution is not a living document, but a text that is to be applied as written and under the same mindsets as when it was written.

Rubio stopped short of applying a litmus test, but slammed the five majority Supreme Court justices who, he said, "wanted to reach a certain policy outcome and so creatively manipulated the Constitution to discover a right that for over two centuries, some of the most brilliant minds and legal history didn’t find.

If Rubio is willing to say and do anything to win the support of Christian extremists who want to ultimately overthrow the U.S. Constitution in order to get elected, what would he do in office?  The prospect is frightening.

PS - One outlet is claiming that Rubio has a mistress who is about to come forward.  I can't vouch for the claim, but it would certainly be in keeping with the sex scandals that endless involve "family values" Republicans.  Some think Jebbie Bush is behind the rumor. :)

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