Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Marco Rubio Whines Over Being Rightly Called a Bigot

Marco Rubio has been shamelessly prostituting himself to Christofascists in the Republican Party based and making promises to assist in rolling back LGBT rights, including marriage equality, if elected president.  Now, the disingenuous crybaby is whining over the fact that he is rightly being called out as a bigot due to his pledge to aid in discrimination against LGBT citizens and rolling back our rights. The tawdriest whore has more integrity than Mr. Rubio.  Pink News looks at Rubio's protestations over being called out as the bigot that he is in fact.  Here are excerpts
US Senator and Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio  was once considered a moderate in his party, but has tacked right hard in recent weeks on LGBT issues, claiming that God’s law “trumps” the Supreme Court on equal marriage. 

Rubio – still trailing Donald Trump for his party’s nomination – recently outlined plans to demand a Supreme Court ‘do-over’ on same-sex marriage after rigging the court with new right-leaning justices, potentially voiding thousands of existing marriages.

He has also pledged to repeal Barack Obama’s landmark Executive Order outlawing homophobic and transphobic discrimination among federal contractors – the only federal law that currently protects workers from being sacked for being gay or trans.
However, Rubio is very upset that just because he plans to systematically dismantle gay people’s right to marry and work without being discriminated against, people think he’s some kind of bigot.

He told CBS Face the Nation: “People who hold traditional values are often described as bigots and haters. Everybody on the left [calls them that] if you do not support their definition of marriage.

“Certainly the President has on occasion said that people who don’t support same-sex marriage are wrong… but I’ve been called a bigot for not supporting the definition of marriage.

Rubio is both a douche bag and a bigot.

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