Friday, December 11, 2015

Bronx Priest Stole $1M+ from NYC Churches for Wild Gay S&M Romance

The Roman Catholic Church (particularly the U.S. Catholic bishops) continues to wage its jihad against LGBT individuals yet finds itself unable to escape continued stories of priestly abuse of boys or, even more fun, priest into kinky gay sex.  Perhaps it is  an example of Divine displeasure with the bitter old men who continue to persecute gays while closing their eyes to their own Pharisee like behavior.  The latest juicy story comes from New York City where a parishioner launched lawsuit alleges that Rev. Peter Miqueli (pictured above) stole more than $1 million from two parishes to fund his gay romance with a S&M master (pictured at the end of this post) with whom he supposedly bought a house and purchased drugs.  In addition, the slave master was paid $1,000 per rough sex session.  A Hollywood screenwriter couldn't write stuff this wild and salacious.  Here are highlights from the New York Daily News:

A scandalous lawsuit accuses a Bronx priest of looting more than $1 million from a pair of city parishes — then spending the cash on a long-running S&M romance with a muscle-bound boyfriend.

The Rev. Peter Miqueli reportedly paid $1,000 per rough sex session with his hunky lover, who demanded the priest address him as “Master” — and drink his urine, the lawsuit said.

The sex-slave priest and his boy toy have shared a house in Brick, N.J., after Miqueli paid $264,000 cash six years ago, according to the suit.

Miqueli, 53, was also accused of stealing money donated to fix a church pipe organ, siphoning funds from a parish thrift shop and getting high on drugs provided by a Bronx parishioner.

Alleged boyfriend Keith Crist, named as a co-defendant, had nothing to say about the salacious claims.   “I don’t have to talk to you!” he yelped before hanging up on a Daily News reporter.

Neighbors in Jersey say there’s a steady stream of male visitors at the Brick home on Cornell Dr., where a new BMW allegedly belonging to Crist usually sits in the driveway. Miqueli also installed a heavily trafficked hot tub in the backyard, the neighbors said.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan and the archdiocese are also named as defendants in the Manhattan court papers.   The lawsuit charges the church hierarchy, in an echo of the pedophilia scandal, with covering up for the pervert priest.

Earlier this year, she [Crist’s former girlfriend Tatyana Gudin] said, she sent Dolan and other archdiocesan officials numerous emails providing details of what she knew about Crist and Miqueli.

The lawsuit says a Bronx doctor who’s also a church trustee provided the pair with illegal drugs to get high. Miqueli also reportedly gave $60,000 to the doctor for the downpayment on a house.

Alleged boyfriend/slave master
Can someone explain to me why anyone sane continues to listen to the Catholic Church hierarchy on issues of sex and morality?

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