Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ex-GOP Staffer: Benghazi Panel on Partisan Mission to Destroy Hillary

First Kevin McCarthy slipped up and made it clear that the real mission of the GOP organized Committee conducting hearings on Benghazi is to destroy Hillary Clinton. Now, a former GOP staffer who has left working for the committee has confirmed McCarthy's slip up and confirmed that the Republican majority is conducting a politically motivated probe of Hillary Clinton.  Truth be told, the GOP doesn't give a rat's ass about Benghazi except as a vehicle to destroy Hillary who they see as the main presidential rival for whichever occupant of the GOP candidate clown car ultimate gains the GOP nomination.  A piece in Politico looks at the statements of Major Bradley Podliska who was fired because of his refusal to engage in the partisan with hunt. Here are highlights:

An ex-GOP investigator for the House Select Committee on Benghazi says the Republican majority is conducting a politically motivated probe of Hillary Clinton.

Major Bradley Podliska, who was fired from the committee in June after about 10 months on the job, told CNN the panel has veered off its original course to investigate the Sept. 11, 2012 attack that left four Americans dead — instead zeroing in on Clinton following news that she used private email while Secretary of State.

The segment, to be broadcast on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, is sure to feed the partisan fire surrounding the committee, which has been on defense for more than a week after comments Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) made suggesting the committee’s work has hurt Clinton on the 2016 campaign trail, where she is the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

A GOP Benghazi panel spokesman in a statement called Podliska's allegations “transparently false.”
The Air Force Reserve intelligence officer, who told CNN that he himself is a Republican, said he’s planning to file a lawsuit against the panel next month for wrongful termination after “resisting pressure to focus his investigative efforts solely on the State Department and Clinton's role surrounding the Benghazi attack," reads a CNN preview. 

He also alleges he was fired for taking time off the job to fulfill his military duties.
"I was fired for going on military service and I was fired for trying to conduct an objective, non-partisan, thorough investigation," Podliska will say, according to the CNN preview.

Podliska will say his firing had more to do with his unwillingness to focus his probe solely on Clinton and State — something the panel says it’s not doing — and a leave of absence he took to fulfill military service obligations. 

Podliska told CNN he was only now talking about the matter because of the panel’s continued focus on Clinton.

"I'm scared. I'm nervous. I know that this is, you know, I'm going up against powerful people in Washington. But at the end of the day I need to live with myself," he is quoted saying in the CNN report. "I told my wife, I will view myself as a coward if I don't do the right thing here."

Obviously, the GOP committee members have every reason to be lying.  For Podliska, the benefits are far less obvious.

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