Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Right-Wing Extremist Calls For Global ‘Inquisition’ To Kill Gays:

Theodore Shoebat: kill all the gays

While the international community struggles to come up with a plan to irradiate the Islamic extremist organization known as ISIS (see the prior post), here at home in America we see far right Christofascists calling for the murder of gays much along the lines of the atrocities being conducted by ISIS in the area it currently controls.   What makes the anti-gay harangue more frightening is that it represents a mindset to which the Republican Party now prostitutes itself to on a daily basis.  The unfortunate truth is that fundamentalist religious belief and fundamentalist religions in and of themselves are an evil.  They thrive only by spreading hatred an seeking to impose their toxic beliefs on all.  Right Wing Watch has details on this latest sign that fundamentalist Christianity is dangerous and needs to be treated as such.  Here are excerpts:

Theodore Shoebat, who was among the dozens of anti-gay activists, Republican members of Congress and GOP presidential hopefuls to be featured in Janet Porter's recent anti-gay "Light Wins" documentary, posted a new video over the weekend calling for a global "Inquisition" to eradicate homosexuality once and for all.

Outraged over reports that a doctor had been let go by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for repeatedly spreading anti-gay material to colleagues, Shoebat posted a video declaring that "sodomite homo Sharia" was being imposed on America by "sodomite bastards" and "faggots" who do nothing but "go around spreading AIDS."

The only solution, he declared, is the imposition of a global law criminalizing homosexuality that will be enforced by a modern-day Inquisition with the power to put gays to death.

"I'm sick and tired of the homo tyranny," he said. "What the world needs is a collective law ... What we need is the laws of God, the virtues of Heaven to become the law of the world. That is the bottom line. Do I believe in Christian world domination? Absolutely. I would be a liar if I said I didn't. Do I believe in Christian supremacy? Absolutely. Do I believe in democracy? Hell no.  

Do I believe in some sort of a democratic socialist republic? Hell no. I believe in monarchy, I believe in Inquisitions, I believe we need to revive the system of the Middle Ages that we had; we had no fag problems, we didn't have a lot of serial killers back in those days, we didn't have frickin drug cartel problems, we had none of the crap. We didn't have no fags asking to be married. None of that garbage."

"It's homo tyranny and it needs to be destroyed," Shoebat continued, "Christian world domination needs to be established and homosexuality needs to be deemed as a crime. And the homos need to be told, hey, you gotta stop that and if they don't stop that then, I'm sorry, we have an Inquisition and that Inquisition will enact the death penalty, as Scripture tells us."

As I said, there really is not much difference between Shoebat and  his fellow "godly Christians" and the leaders of ISIS in terms of their ideology of imposing their beliefs on all and killing those who do not conform.  I guess the only question I find myself having is: how the f*ck did these folks get so crazy?  Are they really that fearful of thinking for themselves and/or what severe psychosis is behind their need to cling to far right extremist dogma.  Normal, sane people do not act this way.  Far right Christian belief in my view is synonymous with deep mental illness.

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