Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Quotes of the Day

A friend posted the above image on Facebook and it was too good to pass up.  At the risk of beating the story of faux "godly Christian" Kim Davis to death, I love these lines  in the image:
While he [Jesus] never said anything about gays, he did say something about your re-marrying.  You're a gal who apparently believes Christian marriage is between one woman and one man - and then another man, and a new man, and yet another man.  That makes you a serial adulterer to Jesus and a harlot to me.
While deranged Christofascists are hailing Davis as a martyr and/or heroine, I suspect many, many more people see Davis as the epitome of conservative Christian hypocrisy.  With luck, her hypocrisy will push a few more people out the church door.

John Corvino exhibited similar thoughts in a column in the Detroit Free Press: Here are excerpts:
Many have commented on the fact that Davis herself has been divorced several times. As a strategic matter, this makes her a rather poor poster child for ‘traditional Christian marriage’: Jesus himself treats divorce and remarriage as akin to adultery. But the point is not merely ad hominem: Davis’s willingness to impose a standard of marriage on gays that she does not apply to others, herself included, shows that she’s less interested in enforcing a consistent traditional Christian view than in singling out gays for disapproval. In its Obergefell decision, the U.S. Supreme Court rightly rejected such treatment as an affront to dignity and equal treatment under the law. Private citizens are free to express their religious views about homosexuality — however hypocritically and inconsistently — and to practice their faith as they see fit. But religious liberty is not a “get out of your job free” card.

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