Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Batshitery Continues to Reign in Rowan County, Kentucky

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About the only explanation I can come up with for Rown County Clerk Kim Davis' defiance of federal court orders and her latest quip about obeying "God's authority" is that she is setting the stage to make a killing on the Christofascist talk and book circuit since sooner or later she will be out of her job as county clerk.  Indeed, she may actually want to be put in jail for contempt of court since it will increase her marketability with the insane fanatics of the Christian Right and GOP base.  Adding to the lunacy are statements for her fourth husband (who likewise disregards the Bible when it's convenient) implying he might use a gun against his wife's foes.  Meanwhile, the ACLU has filed a contempt of court motion against Davis found here.  Here are highlights from the requested relief:
Plaintiffs have established a prima facia case, in that they have shown by sufficient evidence that Defendant Davis, in refusing to grant Plaintiffs Miller and Roberts a marriage license following the U.S. Supreme Court’s denial of her most recent (and final) attempt to stay the August 12, 2015, preliminary injunction, has, in fact, violated a definite and specific order of this Court. 

Because Davis cannot show either that she is unable to comply with the August 12, 2015, order or that she has taken all reasonable steps to comply, this Court is left with no choice but to hold her in contempt. Plaintiffs do not seek to compel Davis’ compliance through incarceration. Since Defendant Davis continues to collect compensation from the Commonwealth for duties she fails to perform, Plaintiffs urge the the Court to impose financial penalties sufficiently serious and increasingly onerous to compel Davis’ immediate compliance without further delay.

The usual hate merchants, of course, are applauding Davis' violation of the law demonstrating yet again the Christofascists' belief that they are above the law.  

As for Davis' batshit crazy husband, ABC News has this:

The husband of a Kentucky county clerk who's refusing to issue gay marriage licenses despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling says his wife is committed to her faith and is "standing for God."

Joe Davis arrived at the Rowan County courthouse Tuesday morning to check on his wife, clerk Kim Davis, shortly after she again denied the licenses to several couples.

Joe Davis says his wife has received death threats, and the couple changed their phone number. But he says he's not afraid and believes in the Second Amendment.

He said: "I'm an old redneck hillbilly, that's all I've got to say. Don't come knocking on my door."

Joe Davis compared his wife to the biblical figures Paul and Silas, sent to prison and rescued by God.
Both Davis and her husband are (i) hypocrites, and (ii) perhaps belong in a mental ward. 

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