Thursday, August 06, 2015

Evangelical Will Continue to Use Same Sex Marriage as Wedge and Money Beg

While they continue to beat the drum against abortion to shake down the sheeple in church pews for money, over the last decade the professional Christian set has turned peddling anti-gay animus into a lucrative cash cow.  Now, with marriage equality the law of the land, this cash cow is threatened and the Christofascists are seeking ways to keep the money flowing in.  Hence the cries that (i) Christians are facing persecution and that "religious freedom" must be protected and (ii) the battle to "protect marriage" is not over despite the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges.  Among those leading the charge on this veiled money beg are the Heritage Foundation and the Southern Baptist Convention.  CNN looks at the effort to maintain the myth that the battle for marriage is not over.  Here are highlights:.  
Despite the Supreme Court decision in June that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, leading evangelicals vowed this week that the fight to keep marriage between a man and a woman is not over. 

"In mandating same-sex marriage for all 50 states, the Supreme Court didn't just get marriage wrong, it got government wrong," Jennifer Marshall, a vice president of the Heritage Foundation, a D.C.-based conservative think tank, told a gathering of evangelicals in Nashville on Wednesday.

Leading Christian and political conservatives met at the Gospel and Politics: The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission National Conference. The group is the political and policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant Christian group in the country.

The conference was the second one this week by the Christian group. Leader Russell Moore interviewed presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio at a missions conference Tuesday.

Moore, who has met with President Barack Obama, reinforced that sentiment this week, telling the crowd to stay engaged despite widespread sentiment that the fight over same-sex marriage is finished in the wake of the high court's ruling. 

Moore previously told CNN that the fight to reverse the Supreme Court's recent ruling will be a long one.

"Citizenship is an office in this country that all of us is invested in," he said. "We engage politically. We engage socially, but we don't forget who we are."   To believe that conservative Christians have lost the fight against same-sex marriage is misguided, Marshall said.
Translation: keep writing us checks and making credit card contributions so that we can continue to live the good life.

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