Saturday, July 18, 2015

Virginia GOP Insanity: Cuccinelli Favored for 2017 Gubernatorial Race

If Congressional Republicans and would be presidential nominees are sipping fantasy inducing Kool-Aid, here in Virginia, the Virginia Republicans are drinking it by the gallons.  How else to explain a poll that shows that Ken "Kookinelli"  Cuccinelli is the favorite of Virginia Republicans for the 2017 gubernatorial race.  Did these people learn nothing in 2013?  If Cuccinelli was too extreme - OK, down right crazy - to win in 2013, do this folks think four years later with even more demographic change in the state he has a chance in hell of winning?  The poll underscores just how insane the Virginia GOP has become.  A piece in the Daily Press looks at the mind numbing poll results.  Here are highlights:
Ken Cuccinelli lost the race for Virginia governor in 2013, but a poll released Friday shows he still registers strongly among Republican voters.
Public Policy Polling released a poll showing Cuccinelli was favored by 37 percent of Republican voters as the 2017 gubernatorial nominee, as compared to 16 percent for former U.S. House Majority leader Eric Cantor. Bill Bolling and Ed Gillespie tie for third at 8 percent, and Shenandoah Valley Sen. Mark Obenshain registered at 7 percent.
While the poll results could be considered a victory for Cuccinelli, a political expert said the results reflect something else.
"It shows how very, very conservative the Virginia Republican Party is. It is fractured, very fractured,'' said James Madison University political scientist Bob Roberts.
Roberts said the poll reflects Cuccinelli's base of support, and also shows that more than 50 percent of those polled did not favor him. Roberts said establishment Republicans are showing their support for the others who registered -- Cantor, Bolling, Gillespie and Obenshain.
If he does run for governor, Cuccinelli will do well with tea party and conservative voters, and will continue to struggle with Republican women voters and moderate Republican voters, Roberts said.
A key in the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial race will be turnout, Roberts said. He said committed voters have recently participated in gubernatorial elections, and getting those voters out is a key in 2017.

Cuccinelli belongs in a mental ward. 

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