Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Trump Makes Incendiary New Claims About Hispanics

Donald Trump continues to make incendiary statements about Hispanics and in the process underscore the racism of the Republican party and the strong white supremacist element in the party base.  The GOP slogan of "God, guns and gays" needs to be expanded to "God, guns, gays and the confederate flag" notwithstanding the vote by the South Carolina Senate to remove the confederate flag from the state house grounds.  One can only hope that Trump remains high enough in the polls to insure his place in the GOP presidential candidate debate where, Trump being Trump, he is likely to make even more incendiary remarks.  Talking Points Memo looks at Trumps latest batshitery eruption.  Here are excerpts:
In the three-page-long statement posted online, the billionaire reality TV star reprinted the text in question from his now-infamous presidential announcement speech, which he says “is deliberately distorted by the media.”

Trump went on to say “many fabulous people come in from Mexico,” and also broadened his call for immediately securing the border by saying Mexican leaders are much more “cunning” when it comes to trade deals with the U.S. and that infectious disease is “pouring across the border.”

He also floated the notion that Univision, the Spanish-language broadcaster who dropped Trump’s Miss USA pageant after his comments, only “went ballistic” after his “significant rise in the polls.”
Given that such a significant element of the GOP is as outright racist as Trump, what is delicious is the tightrope that other GOP candidates will have to walk.  If they loudly condemn Trump, they will alienate the party base.  If they fail to condemn him, then the alienate voters in the general election.  There truly are dangers to allowing one's party to be hijacked by racists and religious extremists. 

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