Friday, July 17, 2015

Is Jeb Bush Trying to Have it Both Ways on Gay Rights?

Perhaps having anticipated the severe blow back that Scott Walker brought down on himself with his remarks that the soon to be defunct Boy Scouts of America ban on gay leaders "protected children" from gay predators, Jeb "Jebbie" Bush seems to be trying to play it both ways on gay rights and has seemingly said that he supports the passage of state employment non-discrimination laws to protect LGBT individuals.  No doubt leaders of hate groups like Tony Perkins of FRC and Victoria Cobb of The Family Foundation and rabid anti-gay Republicans in Virginia must be blowing gaskets over Bush's remarks.  Despite how much I detest Jebbie, he apparently seems to understand that totally prostituting himself to the Christofascists to win in primaries in states such as Iowa could mean he's DOA in the general election.  Time looks at Jebbies fast dancing and possible double speak on this issue.  Here are highlights:
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush indicated Thursday that he thinks existing laws sufficient to ensure men and women are paid equally for the same work, but that he would back legislation in the states to prevent workplace and housing discrimination against LGBT Americans.

An employee who identified himself to Bush as being gay asked about Bush’s position on legislation to ban discrimination of LGBT Americans. “I don’t think you should be discriminated because of your sexual orientation. Period. Over and out,” he replied.

Citing the frequently-used example by religious freedom advocates, Bush said that in the case of a florist approached by a gay couple, “you should be obligated to sell them flowers, doing otherwise would be discriminatory.” But he said that the objecting florist should not be required to participate in the wedding, a fine line that he hopes will appeal to all sides of the debate.

When the employee followed up to ask specifically whether he would support anti-discrimination laws for LGBT Americans for their housing and employment—the next target for gay rights marriage advocates—Bush said he would at the state level.  “I think this should be done state-by-state, I totally agree with that,” he said.

It will be interesting to watch the "godly folk" go berserk over any suggestion that they should not have the special right to discriminate against and abuse LGBT individuals.  Jebbie best fasten his seat belt.

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