Sunday, July 26, 2015

Donald Trump Rightly Attacks Scott Walker

I view Donald Trump as a bombastic egomaniac.  But I do applaud his latest barrage of attacks aimed at Scott Walker, a truly dangerous and evil man in my view.   Specifically, Trump focused on the damage Walker has done in Wisconsin and the failed policies that Walker would seek to take nationwide as the GOP works to create a new Gilded Age.  The irony is, of course, that billionaire Trump is the one shining the spotlights.  A piece in the Washington Post looks at Trumps latest attack mode display.  Here are excerpts:

On Saturday Trump went for the hat trick, gleefully insulting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker because one of Walker’s fundraisers called the billionaire real estate mogul ‘DumbDumb.’

“Finally, I can attack!” Trump said at a packed rally at Oskaloosa High School. “Wisconsin’s doing terribly. It’s in turmoil. The roads are a disaster because they don’t have any money to rebuild them. They’re borrowing money like crazy. They projected a $1 billion surplus, and it turns out to be a deficit of $2.2 billion. The schools are a disaster. The hospitals and education was a disaster. And he was totally in favor of Common Core!”

The mention of the state-driven education standards — from which Walker, like many Republican governors, has walked away — incited a prolonged boo. That was not enough for Trump, who told a story about Walker giving him a “beautiful plaque” out of gratitude for campaign donations and wondered if “Wisconsin paid for it.”

Republicans’ hopes of banishing Trump from their presidential primary may have wilted in the heat of the Iowa summer. On his first visit to the caucus state since the McCain insult, Trump drew a crowd of 1,300 in a city of 11,463. He cleaned up his remarks about veterans, from the stage and in the crowd. He talked with characteristic gusto about “killing in the polls and” securing a spot in the party’s first sanctioned debate, scheduled for Aug. 6.

Trump did all of this at a four-hour spectacle — the Make America Great Again Rally and Family Picnic — that felt like a New York cinematographer’s idea of an “Iowa event.” A campaign bus stood unused until Trump posed in front of his, giving a double thumbs-up before hopping into an SUV.

[C]onservative Iowans fell into two camps. One group adored Trump’s brio, but wished he hadn’t gotten personal with McCain (R-Ariz.). The larger camp egged Trump on for again refusing to play nice. . . . Republican voters, who had dutifully turned out for “anti-establishment” candidates and been disappointed, insisted that Trump was just the man to blow up the system.

He also won cheers for telling how he denied credentials to the Des Moines Register, Iowa’s largest newspaper, after its editorial board called on him to quit the race. In a back-and-forth with reporters, with the Register’s team kept outside his event, Trump proved that he was comfortable being playful with the facts.  “I didn’t ban them,” he insisted. “They just couldn’t get credentials.”
The Trump circus continues and, hopefully, it will spotlight all of the GOP's failed policies and positions. 

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