Sunday, June 21, 2015

New Jersey "Ex-Gay" Fraud Case - Not Going Well for JONAH

For years Wayne Besen and I savored the vision of "ex-gay" proponents being forced to defend their fraudulent practices in court under oath and subject to the rules of discovery.  That dream is happening now in a New Jersey court in Ferguson v. JONAH and what's going down is the "ex-gay" charlatans' worse nightmare.  Making things even more delicious, if you will, is that it is ALL being captured in court transcripts.   Equality Case Files ("ECF") is keeping a record of the proceedings here.  On its Facebook page, ECF looks at a portion of recent proceedings that show just how fraudulent the so-called "ex-gays" for pay are in fact and that their "cures" are simple fantasies and self-delusion.  Here's a sampling of the batshitery and the court's reaction (NOTE: remember, this crap is being peddled daily by "ministries" and fraudulent "Christian counselors" like Marcus "Marcia" Bachmann):
On Wednesday and Thursday, we heard from five of JONAH's "success story" witnesses - three as live testimony and two by watching excerpts of their videotaped depositions.Two of the live witnesses - Jeffrey Bennion and Preston Robert Dahlgren - are men from the TLC show "My Husband's Not Gay." 

During cross-examination, Mr. Bennion admitted that the he does not identify as heterosexual because he is "predominantly sexually attracted to men." (transcript pg 2411) 

He also admitted that during his deposition he testified that he was satisfied with the sexual relationship he has with his wife and that "Part of that satisfaction for [him] is accepting that [he] can't always achieve an erection" or climax. He clarified that referred to "In my marriage". Cross continued with:

- Q. And in some cases, finding other ways to share and celebrate your connection with your wife is what is satisfying to you?
- A. Yes.
- Q. Because you can have a good time even if you are, as you put it, limp as a wet noodle?
- A. Sure, yes.

(transcript pp 2411-12)

The first video played was that of David DeJiacomo from Denver, Colorado. The tape ran nearly two hours. Following the video, and after the jury left the room, the judge asked, 

"Is this what the other tapes are going to be like? Because two-thirds of that is irrelevant. ... you guys better look at the tapes, because I'm going to start objecting to them during the middle of the trial, because most of this was irrelevant. I don't understand what the accomplishment was there. I'm not even sure how it's a success story witness, based on his testimony." (transcript page 2573). "Look at the tapes, or I will start objecting myself in front of the jury."

This bullshit "therapy" needs to be illegal nationwide!  What truly leaves me dumbstruck is that the wives of these "ex-gays" are willing to accept such a fraudulent and farcical marriage.  WTF is wrong with them??

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