Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jindal Joins GOP Clown Car and Attacks Jeb Bush

Bobby Jindal has run Louisiana into the ground and after stating that the Republican Party needed to stop being the "stupid party" has proceeded to do everything possible to label himself as exhibit 1 of what the GOP should not be doing.  He has utterly prostituted himself to the Christofascist elements of the GOP base and in the process outraged big business in Louisiana.  Now, Jindal has joined the list of declared occupants of the GOP clown car and will take his batshitery to an even wider stage.  In his announcement of his candidacy, he launched into an attack on Jeb Bush that likely has Hillary Clinton smiling broadly.  Politico looks at the launch of Jindal's delusional campaign.  Here are highlights:

Bobby Jindal went there. As the 13th Republican candidate to enter the presidential race, the Louisiana governor tried to grab attention by going negative with his announcement speech Wednesday, smacking down his rivals as “selfish” politicians who are nothing more than “talkers,” and calling out Jeb Bush as a mushy conservative.

“You’ve heard Jeb Bush saying we need to be able to lose the primary to win the general election. We’re going to help him do that,” Jindal said, kicking off his long-shot bid for the GOP presidential nomination.

Presenting himself as an unapologetically religious, small-government conservative, Jindal told several hundred supporters inside a musty event hall here that his rivals may talk a good game but that he plans to punch his way back into the race by telling the truth.

“Here’s the truth about most politicians: They are selfish, and they are followers, not leaders,” said Jindal, who promised to cut spending and wear his religious beliefs on his sleeve, even if he runs afoul of Washington’s “in crowd” by doing so.

Polling at just under 1 percent nationally, Jindal has little choice but to run as an insurgent, anti-establishment firebrand.

[H]e reserved his most vicious firepower for Bush, the current GOP front-runner.  Jindal warned that Bush is putting the whole Republican Party in danger by appeasing the left and masking conservative views.

“He is saying that we need to hide our conservative ideals,” he said. “But the truth is, if we go down that road again, we will lose again.”

[D]uring his speech Wednesday, Jindal focused less on policy points, playing up the politics of grievance that he hopes will fire up social conservatives.

“I know that some believe that I talk too much about my faith,” said Jindal, who was born Hindu but converted to Catholicism. “But I will not be silenced in order to meet their expectations of political correctness. They don’t accept the idea that you can be both intellectual and Christian.

I beg to differ, but conservative Christian beliefs and being intellectual and reality based are mutually exclusive.  Jindal conveniently forgets that he converted to a church that took hundreds of years to formally admit that it was wrong about Galileo. 

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