Tuesday, June 09, 2015

"Evangelical" Franklin Graham Changes Banks and Proves He's an Idiot

Franklin "I'm an Idiot" Graham
I've never had much use for Franklin Graham who, but for his famous father would likely be a nobody.  Even in his doddering old age, however, Billy Graham likely isn't as stupid as his son.  Like many in the professional snake oil merchant Christian set, Franklin Graham is jumping on the bandwagon of "godly folks" claiming the world is about to end if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down all state same sex marriage bans. Seeking to set an example for his cretinous sheep like followers, Graham closed his "ministry's" bank accounts with Wells Fargo since it was too gay friendly.  So, where did he open his new accounts?  With BB&T which chance would have it is a sponsor of Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade, along with the chief sponsor of Miami Beach Gay Pride’s “Legacy Couples” program.  Graham clearly wins the "I'm an idiot" award for the week.  Right Wing Watch looks at Graham's stupidity.  Here are excerpts:
Upset that Wells Fargo is running an ad which includes the story of a lesbian couple learning sign language before adopting a child who is deaf, Franklin Graham announced last week that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will no longer do business with the bank.

Graham spoke with Craig James of the Family Research Council, which is cheering on Graham’s announcement, on yesterday’s edition of “Washington Watch,” where he explained that he will be switching to BB&T, another North Carolina-based bank.

Graham may not have done much research, as BB&T has received an 80 percent score in the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index and this year is the sponsor of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade, along with the chief sponsor of Miami Beach Gay Pride’s “Legacy Couples” program, which celebrates same-sex couples in “committed relationships of 10 years or longer.”

A bank spokesman said the company hopes to “support the individuals and organizations that broaden our perspectives and strengthen the diverse fabric of our communities. That’s why BB&T is proud to be a part of this day of pride and celebration of the 2015 Legacy Couples.”

In fact, BB&T hosted a same-sex couple’s wedding reception earlier this year “in a makeshift chapel at event sponsor BB&T Bank South Beach branch.”

Graham added that anti-LGBT Christians should also boycott Starbucks, Tiffany’s and Nike since they “promote the gay lifestyle.”
The Franklin Grahams of the far right need to be mocked and ridiculed.  They are bigots who embrace ignorance - and encourage others to do so as well -  even as they confirm that they are stupid idiots themselves.  They have no place in polite and decent society.


Kevin Morgan said...

Like you Michael I was married to a woman at one time, which means I had in-laws, Baptist, Republican in-laws! One thing I noticed was that on many issues they were completely ignorant, had no interest in hearing a different point of view and even seemed to take pride in their ignorance. As far as Franklin Graham goes I remember looking at a book he wrote in which he spoke about Islam. He said, paraphrasing, "I nave nothing against Muslims, if they want to pray to Mohammed that's their business." Again, ignorant and proud of it!

EdA said...

Franklin Graham has done pretty well by ostensibly doing good. As chairman and president of Samaritan's Purse, in 2013 he got paid $440,927 taxable and $181,325 non-taxable and $205,919 taxable, $34,722 from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. But he's a hard worker -- he claims on these organizations' IRS 990 forms that he works 40 hours a week for each of them.

Praise the Lord! I'm sure that he feeds most of this $15K a week back into his "ministries."